D.Gray-Man Hallow (Episodes 11-13): Fingers Crossed For A Season 2

Unfortunately we’re at the end of the D.gray-man hallow series. So many years on from the first series, it was really great to get back in touch with all the characters. I’m really going to be miss the Noah family. Before I get into the last 3 episodes, make sure to check out my previous reviews! You can read episode 1, episodes 2-4 and episodes 5-1o ! The last time we left Allen-chan we has chained up and was about to be attacked by the cardinal!

Go Tykki-mon!

Tykki and Apocathry d.gray-man hallow.jpg

It looks to be the end of our boy wonder, until Tykki arrives. The Cardinal is revealed to be ‘Apocryphos’ (say that 3 times fast!), an independent innocence type that serves to protect the ‘Heart’. Apo-chan is attacking Allen and wants to ‘absorb’ him and by doing so destroy the 14th. Tykki intervenes and thus begins an epic fight scene between the Noah and Apo-chan. During this time we also learn that Apo-chan was the one who murdered Cross, Allen’s master. The confrontation between the 3 groups is cut short when Howard steps in to protect Allen. Allen, Tykki and Road (who was injured protecting Allen) escape. The order isn’t too impressed, and they beginning chasing after them. The exorcists are then attacked by the 3rd exorcists (who have turned to the Noah side).

D.gray-man hallow miranda protected.jpg
And Miranda, useless as usual, is protected by a kid

Allen’s Past and Choice

D.gray-man hallow Cross and youn gallen.jpg

Tykki pushes Allen to make a choice between the Noah and the Order. He’s currently in the middle being pulled by both parties. With this choice in front of him, we also get a look into Allen’s past, right after he tried to make Mana an akuma. We see Cross taking care of a grief stricken Allen as well as the bond that formed between them. We also learn that Cross always wanted the 14th to take over Allen, but may have developed complicated feelings over it, when he began looking after Allen. The end shows Allen’s choice – he’s left the order but is trying to suppress the 14th within him.

Final Wrap Up

D.gray-man allen hallow keep walking mana.jpg

The final episode of the series really left it open to be continued. We got to see all the characters get ready for the upcoming battle as well as some characters obviously still in danger like Bookman. I got to admit, I felt that the last 3 episodes were really squished in and weren’t very well developed. The previous episodes focusing on Alma and Kanda were amazing, but these ones were just a bit meh. I really do hope that this series gets a second season, and a longer one at that. But with the mangaka but unwell, and limited chapters coming out, it really depends if the studio wants to go in their own direction with the story. Overall  a good 8/10

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