91 Days (Episodes 11 & 12): The Final Face Off

We last left Avillio after he had killed Cordeo and was getting ready to crush the Nero and his father. The future looked bleak for sweet Avillio, and his cause. To get a recap on my previous write ups click here:  episode 1, episodes 2-4 and episodes 5-10.

Ending with a bang

91 Days Avillio father killed.jpg
Hello. My name is Angelo Lagusa. You killed my father. Prepare to die. 

Episode 11 starts off shaky for Avillio, he’s getting ready to exact his revenge but has become hollow and broken after Cordeo’s death. He’s even been ‘seeing’ Cordeo and interacting with him, much to the fear of his co-conspirators. Avillio and the Uncle agree to team up with the Galassia family. The final battle will occur when the old Don and Nero step out for a night at the Opera. There Avillio will assassinate both of them. Not everything goes to plan and Avillio is captured, but this seems to be part of his plan. After a few tricks and epic moves, Avillio shoots the Done of the Galassia family, sending both the Galassia family and Vanetti family into an all out war.

91 days avillio and nero beach.jpg
Fun times at the beach with the bros

Avillio exacts his revenge in the most perfect way possible. Nero’s uncle is killed by the Galassias, Nero’s father dies from the pain of seeing his entire family slaughtered and everything crumble, and Nero is left alone in the world. Nero eventually captures Avillio and in the final episode they head off on a final road trip. Nero struggles with killing Avillio, he can’t forget the bond that they had. A particularly emotional scene is when Avillio confronts Nero about Nero not shooting him that night. Since that night Avillio has been living for revenge but now that it’s fulfilled he has nothing. The final ending is purposely left to be ambiguous. Nero leaves Avillio at the beach, audiences don’t know whether Nero has gone through with his own revenge.

Final Thoughts on 91 Days

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Overall 91 Days was  one of the standout anime for the Summer anime season. The combination of a great story line, well developed characters and action, created a fantastic series. I do wish that the series had just one more episode, I felt that episode 11 could have been expanded to 2 episodes with a lot more action and fighting. Furthermore I would have liked the confrontation between Avillio and Nero to have delved deeper into Avillio’s anger and pain at loosing his family. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is looking for a action drama with heaps of twists and turns. Up till the very end, you can never guess how far Avillio will go to exact his revenge. 9/10

4 thoughts on “91 Days (Episodes 11 & 12): The Final Face Off

  1. It’s definitely one worth checking out from Summer and I’m glad I watched it. That said, I don’t think I’ll go back to watch it again. I just didn’t like the characters enough and while the twists are exciting the first time it seems unlikely they’ll be enough to hold your interest when you know they are coming.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Yeah I definitely agree. It was a fantastic show, but definitely a one-watch, a lot of its greatness is based in how unpredictable it is. Although I would love there to be an OVA showing Nero and Avillio (depending on how you interpret the ending) a few years later

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  2. I liked how the show ended up returning to that ‘road trip’ dynamic we saw earlier in the show. I know a lot of people didn’t care for that brief tangent of the story but given how the show concluded I feel like it additionally validated that short aside. The ending served to parallel the two different times in the story – the differences between then and now – and I think wrapped up the series in an entertaining fashion.

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    1. Yeah I agree! I really liked how the series played with the idea of ‘brotherhood’, you had biological brothers, and then ‘friendship’ brothers. The relationship between Nico and Avillio was definitely part of what made this series so special ^_^


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