Mob Psycho 100 (Episodes 9-12): Reigen Pulls Out All The Moves

We’ve laughed, we’ve pitied and we’ve cried with sweet Mob. But the season has come to an end. And quite a spectacular one if I do say so. Last time we left Mob off (which you can read here), Mob’s little bro was kidnapped by some crazed super esper organisation. With the last 4 episodes, we learnt nobody messes with the Kageyama family.

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Still A Story About Brothers

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At its heart, Mob Psycho 100 is a story about the two brothers, Shigeo and Ritsu. The development of it was by far the high light of the season – from being a seemingly sweet relationship, to one filled with jealousy and then one of redemption. Shigeo’s sweet nature and unconditional love for his brother, warmed my heart. To be honest, I could have had a few more scenes exploring their relationship and not have as many gag scenes. I would also have liked some more scenes of just Ritsu and his life.

Arataka Reigen Serves Some Truth Tea

Reigen really shone in the last few episodes. His character’s quick wit and crazy antics finally became useful. Reigen showed us the very lesson that Ritsu didn’t understand – that espers are still human, and there’s nothing special about them. But Reigen had the chance to impart his wisdom on the Claw – the best psychics in the organisation. I have to admit, even I felt my heart twinge for some of them when Reigen dished out a massive dressing down.

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Even Reigen’s special moves came in handy. My mouth dropped open when Reigen did his special kick. I loved seeing the admiration in everyone’s eyes, when he came in and everyone thought he was the boss. Overall Reigen has some really top notch scenes in these 4 episodes.


Final Thoughts on ‘Mob Psycho 100’

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Overall I truly enjoyed ‘Mob Psycho 100’. The series is one that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but delivers when it needs to. The simplistic designs were made up for with stunning action sequences and sassy characters. I highly recommend this series to anyone who loved ‘One Punch Man’, and likes shonen anime in general. I’ll be checking out the manga series, while I anxiously hope for season 2.

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