Danganronpa 3: Kibou-hen – MY CHILDREN ARE BACK

It is the Ultimate finale of Danganronpa 3. Mirai-hen left us off  with Mitarai trying to brainwash the world into ‘hope’ and Zetsubou-hen ended with the beginning of the biggest most tragic event in history. The 24 minute episode ties up all the loose ends in these two series, as well as gives a long awaited answer to fans – did the rest of our babies wake up?


Yes, yes they did. The old remnants of despair and back their wonderful selves and are ready to help the Future Foundation stop Mitarai. But not through force. Mitarai carries all the pain and regret of letting the world fall into despair. Something the Remnants can relate to. They ask Mitarai to join them in trying to right their wrongs. He agrees, finally finding acceptance and alleviating himself (a little) of his burdens. It was truly a heart warming end to a very turbulent and tragic series. I’m looking forward to what else is in store for the Danganronpa franchise 10/10.


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