Another Spring Giveaway & New Stickers

It’s time for another KuroSama Giveaway! The rules are the same as last time~

  • The gift is given to whoever comments/ messages me first!
  • You’re only allowed to pick one, and have to provide a way for me to contact you to get your address – either Email, Twitter DM etc.
  • You have to be okay with giving me your address (I’ll ship anywhere in the world)

The prizes are a set of Inuyasha bookmarks OR some One Piece postcards. If you’re not following me, but would like to participate, you can follow me for the next giveaway! I’ll be doing another in next month and also in December 🙂

KuroSamaReviews giveaway inuyasha bookmarks.jpg

KuroSamaReviews giveaway One Piece stickers.jpg

Yuri On Ice & Disney Stickers~

I also had the time to design new stickers. I hope you guys like them! You can buy them at my Etsy shop. You can buy the Yuri On Ice Stickers here, and the Disney Princess ones here.

Yuri On Ice Cast Sticker.jpg

Disney Princess Kawaii Sticker.jpg


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