Versatile Blogger Award – Thank you~

A SUPER big thank you to lovely Hijacked Cat and Alane for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award. Hijacked Cat writes really fantastic  posts on games, anime and BL. One of her recent posts that I adored was on the misconceptions on being a fujoshi, you can read it here! Alone is a new anime blogger, and has been writing some really interesting content!  She recently wrote a great indent post on Nanbake episode 2, that you can read here. Please check out these two fantastic bloggers!




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  • Share 7 things about yourself (x 2!)
  • Nominate 10 blogs (sorry I only got 8 >_<)


1.I had a teacher in High School who used to smoke pot in the supply closet and accidentally set it on fire

2.I’m really awkward around charity people on the street, and once ran away from a Green Peace volunteer cause I couldn’t find a way to end the conversation


3.I have a speech planned out in my head for if I ever accidentally bump into my high school arch nemesis and have to bullshit about how great my life is

4.My friends say sometimes I’ll put on an ‘angry’ face, but it’s actually the face I make when I think about butts, but I’m too embarrassed to tell them.


5.One of my friend’s gave up Boys Love & Yaoi manga cause her boyfriend told her to. I’m petrified of having to choose between my boyfriend and my love for yaoi, like I’d dump his ass, but it’d be so embarrassing explaining it to friends

6.A girl in my high school had her boyfriend buy her and her 8 friend’s tickets to Supernova and buy ALL of them gifts and merchandise. IN HIGH SCHOOL.

7. My friend in high school once got her head stuck in our history teacher’s g-cup boobs. It was an awkward 2 minutes when we had to extract her

8.I was a goody two shoes in high school, and I always regret being such a kiss ass to teachers

9. I was recently told that I was similar to Hillary Clinton – in that I “have a lot of ideas but no charisma.” – not sure how to take that


10. I’ve never watched the TV show ‘Friends’, and I don’t plan to

11. People always think I’m really mature and a little stuck up, but actually the craziest shit goes on in my head. 95% of the time I’m thinking about butts and abs, and the other 5% of the time I’m thinking about taking a nap

12. I was really emotional one day, and spent 20 minutes crying over a picture of a dog in an ugly dog competition. I just thought the dog looked so happy and proud, and it didn’t know that people were calling it ugly.


13. I don’t have many close friends, and the few I do have live in different states and countries!

14. I have LINE, and KakaoTalk – so if any one ever wants to chat you can hit me up 🙂 Message me on twitter if you want my username~


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10 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award – Thank you~

  1. I’ve never seen Friends or most TV shows, so yay comrade! /high-fives
    I don’t really have RL friends because I have trouble opening up to people face to face :’D
    I have a bit of a resting bitch face, people always think I’m arrogant or stuck up! T_T

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    1. Oh gosh resting bitch face is the bane of my existence. I tried to counter it by smiling all the time but I just looked like a lunatic 😦 We got each other though, each other and beautiful anime boys 😛


      1. I’m actually very prone to smiling and laughing by default, but people still think I’m arrogant because of academics/in courses/study type stuff I like finishing as quick as possible. Oh well, c’est la vie.
        Indeed we do /group hug
        My beautiful anime boys and you is all I need to sustain me through life’s cold antics ❤

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