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Designer Boyfriends in ‘Dream Boyfriend: Astral Days’

Ever wanted the perfect guy in the palm of your hand? Well now you can get him! ‘Dream Boyfriend: Astral Days’ is an otome game by Ambition Co, the same company that created ‘Dream Girlfriend’. In the game you look after a virtual boyfriend, do challenges and most importantly design him. Get ready for the man of your dreams.

‘Dream Boyfriend: Astral Days’ Overview

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The game essentially works like this; one day your chilling with your hottie best friend, Ryu. You look up at the sky and suddenly BAM some gods appear. They tell you they need your help in teaching a new god the ways of the world. And oh by the way, you gotta love him, and he’s created through a phone app. Yep, gods are made through phone apps apparently. So in comes your dream boyfriend – you can name him, choose his height, eye colour, personality, clothes etc. You can literally create your dream boyfriend.

You can interact with your Dream Boyfriend through chatting, going on dates (which cultivates personality) or sending him to work. Work pays your boyfriend in ‘stars’ which you can use to purchase items at the shops, or use on gatcha machines.

Theo’s outfit courtesy of the gatcha machines

There’s 3 types of gatcha machines: moon pieces, coins and stars. The star one has general items, coin one special items and the moon piece limited edition items. You can also use the coin gotcha by gaining tickets through completing missions. Use the items you get in these machines to make your boyfriend shine 🙂

You boyfriend can also participate in events that the app has. The current one is a ‘Halloween party’. You and your boyfriend explore 10 areas, and encounter NPC characters. You can challenge these characters with items you’ve picked up to get event limited items. You can also chat to NPCs as yourself or as your boyfriend (outside of events).


There’s also a really great social aspect to the game. You can ‘dress up’ other player’s boyfriends, help them out at work or call out to them on dates. You can make friends through the game and send them messages. Also during events you get placed on a rankings board, and your ranking tells you what prizes you can get. It’s really amazing to see how many other players are playing the same game as you! Last event (The Harvest Festival) I was in 2000-3000 ranking, this challenge I hope to be in the 1000-2000!

For any girls out there who love a little bit of touching. Sometimes when chatting to your boyfriend, he’ll complain of a headache or tummy ache. It’s up to you, as his loving girlfriend to rub him till he gets better. Also each time you level up you get to shower him with kisses.

Final Thoughts on Dream Boyfriend

Overall I am really enjoying the app, the games are not too time consuming. Essentially perfect for playing on the train or quick lunch breaks. There are sometimes some small glitches in game play, and some aspects can get a bit repetitive. Also,a  personal annoyance, is the part of dressing other people’s boyfriends up. A lot of people enjoy it, but I’m very possessive of my man and don’t like logging in to see him in another person’s clothes! Overall a really fun game for any single people out there!

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