It’s a ‘Sleepy Time Boyfriend’ review so get your PJs on!

It’s 2am and you can’t sleep, it’s too dark, too quiet. You need ‘Sleepy Time Boyfriend’. Choose one of 12 beautiful men from Visualworks co., Ltd.  & Black Butterfly to whisper sweet nothings to you as you slowly drift off to sleep. There’s a man for everyone in this app, you’ve got your cool intellectuals, feisty kitty cats and even some breathtakingly mature oji-sans. The app is completely free and is available on both Google Play and iTunes!

How ‘Sleepy Time Boyfriend’ Works

Sleepy Time Boyfriend sound bites.jpgThe interface of ‘Sleepy Time Boyfriend’ is definitely simple. From the main menu you have options to go to ‘settings’, where you can set up your alarm. The alarm is an absolutely amazing feature, you can choose from 2 sound bites of your partner’s voice, and it sounds like he’s just woken up next to you! There’s also a shop link, if you want to purchase more sounds, link to the official store to get CDs and a memory album. The Memory Album is another great feature, it saves the lines that your partner has said to you, so you can listen to your favourite ones over and over again!




The Two Chats Modes

General Chit Chat

Sleepy time boyfriend masaya.jpg

To access the ‘general chit chat’ mode (as I call it), you click anywhere on your boyfriend at the main screen. You’ll be brought to a page like above, which shows the time, a nice shot of your bf and two options. The ‘talk’ button produces sound bites and sentences, most of them are centred around ‘getting ready for bed’. For example, Masaya (above), is talking about me having a bath before we head to sleep. There’s also a clock, so you can see how long you’ve been up chatting! The app can be a little intimate at times, but it’s nothing too inappropriate is just a bit of fun.

Sleepy Mode

Sleepy Time Boyfriend Jin.jpg
Jin (voice of Yasutora Sad in Bleach)

Sleepy mode is by far my favourite aspect of the game. You get a new view of your boyfriend lying down in bed, as well as some more personal and sweet lines. The drawings are pretty great, and while they aren’t the most detailed, create a really personal atmosphere. Again, the interface isn’t the most detailed, but you use the app to help you sleep. You shouldn’t be playing around too much, when you’re meant to get some shut eye!

If you want more details about your boyfriend, on the app store they have a little rundown of his full name, age, and occupation. For example, Jin on the left, is 28, an IT company President, and his ‘type’ is that of a tolerant adult. I wish this had been integrated into the app a little more. I have 4 of the sleepy boyfriends on my phone (yes yes I’m a man eater), and I can’t remember all of them!


Overall Thoughts on ‘Sleepy Time Boyfriend’

For a free app, I’m actually pretty impressed by it. Looking at some of the voice actors that

Yuki ( voice of Kakashi in Naruto)

have taken part in this app, you’ve got some who have worked on Naruto (e.g. Yuki below) and Bleach. They’re all incredibly talented, and when you have your headphones it, you really think they’re lying next to you. I’ve only got a slight issue with the interface, is a bit too plain. Also the translation are often a little off – but I’m just being nit picky. If you need help sleeping, or heck, just want a pretty boy next you – check this app out!


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