TRICKSTER: Boys Detective Club (Episodes 2-4): Gackt-sama’s voice makes me weak

I’m not quite sure what to write in this review. The last 3 episodes were kind of a paradox in that a lot happened but also nothing really (?) As in, nothing that really added to the story. So unfortunately this is going to be quite a short write up compared to my previous reviews. As always, if you’d like to see my thoughts on episode 1, please check it out here.

Another Edogawa  Ranpo Anime…

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As I said in my previous review, I had pretty high expectations for this series. Especially after how absolutely horrendous the last Ranpo adaptation was. We still have a Kobayashi who is a little odd, except instead of being eccentric and lively, we’ve got a kid with mysterious powers who wants to die. Akechi is eccentric as always, as is the rest of the cast of characters – a wonderful cluster of odd balls. Episodes 2 & 3 mainly focused on Hanasaki (pictured above) trying to convince Kobayashi to join the club. Which he does…by promising to kill him one day. But hey, whatever works.

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We’ve also got some interesting ‘cases’ they solve in these two episodes. I know I shouldn’t be comparing it TOO much to Game of Laplace, but these cases really fell short. I must be incredibly desensitised or something, but a girl trying to poison a CEO and human organ harvesting (while both absolutely horrendous), isn’t exactly what I thought I’d get with this series. But in saying that, both these scenarios were far better set up than they were in Game of Laplace.

And Most Importantly Gackt Sama’s Voice~

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And yes! We finally get a look (and listen) of 20 faces, played by Japanese singer Gackt. Gackt also sings the opening song for the series. I hate to say it, as a long time fan of his, but the op wasn’t his best work. But seriously his voice, as 20 faces, makes me weak at the knees. Anyway, 20 faces comes onto the scene at the end of episode 3, and more significantly in episode 4. He kidnaps a police officer and teases Akechi to find him. Akechi sends Kobayashi and another one of his Detectives after him. It’s looking like things will be heating up in later episodes.

Final Thoughts

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I have been enjoying the series, but I feel a little let down. I was expecting a lot more in episodes 2 & 3, but episode 4 has made the rest of the series look promising. I am getting a little frustrated with Kobayashi’s personality, he can be a little bratty. But I guess when you’re immortal and the only thing you want to do is die, you can get like that. Looking forward to what else this series brings! 8/10

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4 thoughts on “TRICKSTER: Boys Detective Club (Episodes 2-4): Gackt-sama’s voice makes me weak

  1. I’m actually pretty excited with this anime when I learned that Akechi and 20 faces’ characters will be a part of it (Yep, I just finished Game of Laplace and I wanted more). I hope the succeeding episodes will give justice to their characters. Nice review! Looking forward to your thoughts on the next episode of this series! Thanks!

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    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed how crazy intense the stories were in Game of Laplace. Definitely going to be interesting how this series develops Akechi and 20 faces’ relationship (especially compared to Laplace) I’m hoping this series continues to live up to the hype.


  2. Yeah, Rampo Kitan was utter garbage!

    Like you, I had fairly high hopes for the series, but they were largely left unfounded. Don’t get me wrong, there’s things I like about this show, but I don’t feel a particularly strong connection, certainty not strong enough for me to not drop it. And the cases themselves weren’t especially interesting in my opinion.

    I appreciate your thoughts, and had I more time to spare, I probably would have kept up with this one.

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    1. I know right! It was such a disappointment, my hopes were high – the cases were gory (even thought they didn’t really make sense) and then they just fell apart. And don’t even get me started on the characters, Kobayashi just made me want to rip my hair out.

      I’m currently half way through episode 7, and unfortunately at this point it’s kind of lost its mojo. Wondering if I’ll even bother to finish up to 8 and write a review.

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