Nanbaka (Episodes 2-4): Glitter & Sparkles Everywhere

It’s been described as ‘Prison School‘ without the boobs and dirty jokes. But ‘Nanbaka’ is cementing itself as this Fall season’s ultimate gag anime. The series follows 4 prisoners who specialise in breaking out of prisons, and their daily life in the world’s most secure prison. You can check out my thoughts on episode 1 over here. Let’s get into what I thought of the last 3 episodes!

Prisoners Vs. Guards

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The real crux of the comedy in ‘Nanbaka’ is the banter between the 4 prisoners and the guards of building 13. There’s silly little jokes like one of the guards not being able to stand up to the prisoners, to one of them having a fantastic relationship tithe prison’s cook. This is a series you really need to watch without taking too seriously. The jokes are farfetched and there’s a bunch of slapstick and ridiculous humour. There’s not too much character development in episodes 2-3, which mainly comprised of short gags. But the revelation of the prison’s New Years tournament (beginning in episode 4) may change that!

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Momoko Hyakushiko Is the Ultimate Warden

One of my absolutely favourite aspects of ‘Nanbaka’ is the prison’s warden Momoko Hyakushiko. Momoko, from outward appearances is a cool beauty – gorgeous but also strong and assertive. She maintains the authority of the prison and commands the respect of everyone around her. But on the inside she is the ultimate fangirl of one of the prison guards. The little cut away scenes of her feeling all lovey dovey are both hilarious and endearing. I’ve never shipped a couple so hard in my entire life.


Final Thoughts on ‘Nanbaka’ (Episodes 2-4)

During episodes 2-3, I was seriously considering dropping the series. While the gags were funny, I didn’t think I could take 9 episodes of gags and no plot. But that’s changed in episode 4. I sincerely hope a stronger, overarching plot is developed, to maintain my interest in the series. 6.5/10

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9 thoughts on “Nanbaka (Episodes 2-4): Glitter & Sparkles Everywhere

  1. Yeah! This last episode really took a turn in the series and definitely made me more curious. Hajime is my favorite character, but Momoko being super serious and then gleeking out is also really funny. I facepalm and keep watching.

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  2. This sounds interesting… I’m not a fan of slice-of-lifes, an this sounds like a prison-based one, but your hopes for episode 4 cementing a greater plot in further episodes makes me more eager to check this one out. The animation looks good too.

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      1. I started watching Nanbaka a few days ago, and I’m really enjoying it! I’m up to episode 7 now… the slapstick comedy has been funny too. Thinking about it, I suppose I like that sort of humor. I hope you’re enjoying the anime and all its quirks! There’s a season 2 coming out in January 2017, so fingers crossed for a good series. 😀

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      2. Ooh same, I just finished episode 8 a few days ago, have a review on the last 4 episodes coming out in a few days. The humour is pretty funny, and I love all the characters. Ooh yay!! I hope in season 2, Hajime and the warden get together ;3

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      3. Yay, I can’t wait to read it! And the warden is so cute~ I support the ship, but I also like seeing the humor of the her secret crush. 😂

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