Another (Anime): Halloween Snapshot


Kouichi Sakakibara enters the series as a typical transfer student. He’s starting to enjoy his life at the rural village that his family is from. Until he notices a strange girl with an eyepatch, except no one else seems to notice her, or at least they try not to. ‘Another’ is one of my all time favourite horror anime series, I ended up binge-watching it in a day. It is full of countless twists and turns as well as some gory (and shocking) death scenes. It’s a shame that the series was only 13 episodes long. There was some much needed character development, and the story could have been fleshed out a bit more. Overall definitely an anime must see on Halloween, if you get the chance also check out the novel which it was based on 8/10

It’s Kuro Sama Review’s Halloween Special. For the rest of today I’ll be posting one ‘snapshot’ ( short quick review) every 2 hours. To keep up with them click the subscribe button! 

6 thoughts on “Another (Anime): Halloween Snapshot

      1. The novel is pretty good. I am about halfway through now. The anime is done well: everything that has happened in the novel so far I have seen in the Animeseries. So it was a pretty good adaptation. 😀

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  1. Despite the new trend to laugh at the deaths in Another, I actually found (and still find them) a bit horrifying. I don’t think popular opinion will ever sway my love for this beautiful and creepy little show. And what a neat idea–a snapshot every two hours! Happy Halloween~

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