Drag Me To Hell: Halloween Snapshot

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A ambitious banker denies a loan extension to an ageing woman, to prove to her boss she can make the ‘tough decisions’. Like most horror films, pissing off the creepy old lady doesn’t work out for the best. The woman curses the banker, and a spirit called a Lamia will eventually drag her soul to hell. Now, this horror film would be alright, if it wasn’t for how absolutely feral it is. There are multiple projectile vomit scenes, eye pops and just general body liquids appearing. This isn’t helped by a pretty pathetic cast, lead by Alison Lohman, who is incredibly uncharismatic and frustrating on screen. The end should come as no surprise, she is dragged to hell, and I for one was glad when it ended. She killed her goddamn cat! Definitely a film you can miss this Halloween! 3/10

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4 thoughts on “Drag Me To Hell: Halloween Snapshot

  1. Not to mention that the big twist at the end can be seen from a mile away. Yeah, it’s totally necessary to keep that button in that envelope instead of just carrying it around normally. It’s almost like you don’t want us to see what’s in the envelope. And I completely agree on the damn-near laughable gross out scenes. It’s no surprise for horror movies to go for gross out gore, but this was just gross out spit and vomit and eye ick and eeuhgghg. Combine that with some really silly visuals, like the demon goat and the arm down the throat thing and it’s impossible to take this movie seriously.

    What’s even more enraging about the cat death; it was completely pointless. 😐

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    1. Exactly! It was just so bad, and oh man that demon goat was so silly. i just didn’t see the point of any of it, and then in the end she still gets thrown into hell. I expected more from Sam Raimi. But it’s got a 92% rating on rotten tomato which I’m a bit like ???

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