Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl): Halloween Snapshot

Ai Enma Jikgoku Shoujo.jpg

You have someone you hate so much that death would be too much of a mercy for them. With a heavy grudge, you access a website at Midnight and call upon Enma Ai, a young girl who will ship anyone’s soul to hell. Regardless if they deserve it or not. The series was one of the first horror anime I’ve ever watched, and it certainly stayed with me. The moral ambiguity coupled with the mysterious figure of Enma Ai, creates a fascinating tale of hatred. The only issue with the series is that the set up can get a little repetitive, following the standard person goes on the internet, curses someone, we all go to hell, structure. The real crux of the show is the 2 episodes dedicated to Enma Ai’s past, which are visually stunning and incredibly heart wrenching. Fantastic watch 9/10

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