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Scream (TV): Halloween Snapshot

scream tv show.jpg

How would the classic horror film ‘Scream’, play out in the modern day? Pretty much the same, from what I can tell by MTV’s ‘Scream’ horror TV series.High school students are dying left and right, and Emma Duvall, the town’s quintessential girl next girl is at the heart of it. It’s a typical game of whodunit, but in the modern age with cyber bulling, cell phones and Facebook. I will admit that I did enjoy season 1. The combination of gore, and twists and turns was fantastic. But the show became quite mundane in season 2. There’s little character growth, and the ‘outcasts’ who become the ‘in group’ only by bonding through a life threatening experience. If you’ve got the time check out s1, but stop there. 6//10

It’s Kuro Sama Review’s Halloween Special. For the rest of today I’ll be posting one ‘snapshot’ ( short quick review) every 2 hours. To keep up with them click the subscribe button!