The Babadook: Halloween Snapshot


A single mother (Amelia) is struggling with her young son acting out, after the death of her husband. One day her son pulls out a mysterious book, and Amelia reads it to him, not realising it’s no ordinary children’s book. The haunting book foreshadows the spooky occurrences in the house, and the every growing menacing presence. This film is Australian horror done at its absolute finest. The film has an  absolutely fantastic cast, lead by Noah Wiseman, as the anxious young boy trying to save his family. A film that makes you wonder what goes bump in the night, make sure to check it out! 10/10

It’s Kuro Sama Review’s Halloween Special. For the rest of today I’ll be posting one ‘snapshot’ ( short quick review) every 2 hours. To keep up with them click the subscribe button! 

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