The Collector: Halloween Snapshot


A man being hounded by debt collector decides to break into his wealthy employer’s house. It’s meant to be a simple B&E, grab some goods and get out. But he gets more than he bargains for when he realises he’s not the only intruder in the house. ‘The Collector’ is the typical slasher, torture-porn film. There’s absolutely insane murder scenes coupled with an incredibly tense cat and mouse game. It’s a race against time with an ex-con trying to save a little girl from a crazed blood thirsty intruder. The series continues on in ‘The Collection’, which just ramps the crazy up. I recommend watching both films back to back this Halloween! 8/10

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4 thoughts on “The Collector: Halloween Snapshot

  1. Truth be told, I found The Collector to be too much gore too little horror for my tastes. And this is coming from a fan of Saw. Maybe the terrible animal deaths got to me worse than they should, but I just found it unpleasant over scary. Plus, some of the traps are damn near ridiculous. Never saw the sequel, though. Not sure if I’d be interested in giving it a peek, but I guess everything’s worth a shot.

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