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The Walking Dead: Halloween Snapshot


The Zombie Apocalypse, need I say more? Actually, I probably should. A sheriff wakes up from a coma. He stumbles out of his hospital bed to discover that the world has fallen apart while he’s been gone. He immediately sets out to find his wife and young son, but finding them is the least of his problems. The series is now in its 7th season, and has been an incredible ride. The characters are absolutely phenomenal, and my god the tension! The episode premiere of season 7, I pretty much broke my chair from how hard I was gripping it!  My only issue with the series is that season 1 and 2 are an absolute struggle to get through. But for new viewers, I really urge you to push through. Once you get to season 3, it only gets better. One of my favourite shows on TV, it’s definitely a 10/10

It’s Kuro Sama Review’s Halloween Special. For the rest of today I’ll be posting one ‘snapshot’ ( short quick review) every 2 hours. To keep up with them click the subscribe button! 

6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Halloween Snapshot

  1. Seriously…it’s almost as if I am seeing a collection of all my favorite things passing by today 😀 The Walking Dead is my alltime favorite show…nothing currently on tv (well except maybe Game of Thrones, comes close to it 😀)

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  2. I actually felt the opposite, I really liked Season 1 and 2, but then Season 3 just made me lose interest and it became a huge dramafest But it was great till then~

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    1. Ooh really? I guess season 3 is where they tried to make it a lot more action and drama in audience’s faces, whereas 1 and 2 were very slow and focused. The recent seasons, 5 & 6 (and 7 currently showing) have been really excellent at combining the drama with also focusing on the character’s and their development.


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