The Witch: Halloween Snapshot

The Witch Halloween horror.jpg

Eerily engorssing is the only way I can describe this horror film masterpiece. In the 1630s a God fearing family is exiled from their colony and faces the wilderness alone. Their baby son goes missing, and the family goes into a state of turmoil. Other strange occurrences happen, and the filial ties begin to become undone. A film that looks at family, religion and evil, it’s absolutely breath taking. There’s some haunting about every scene in the film, not just the scenes with the ‘devil’. The father’s iron fist, the nature that surrounds them and the children themselves – anyone and everyone is a vessel for evil. One thing I do suggest is watching this film with subtitles – when I watched this in cinemas I swear I missed 95% of what the father said. 8/10

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