One Piece: Gold – All That Glitters Is Not Gold

‘One Piece Gold’ marks the 13th film in the One Piece franchise. The film follows the straw hat crew as they explore ‘Gran Tesoro’. ‘Gran Tesoro’ is an independent island/ ship which is pretty much Las Vegas x 1000. The crew is warmly welcomed by the country’s ruler, Gild Tesoro. However they quickly discover that when it comes to gambling, luck is a cruel mistress. *Spoiler free review* 

Gild Tesoro, The Gold Gold Fruit & Residents of Gran Tesoro

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A new One Piece film, means a new villain, and a new devil fruit! Gild Tesoro, was unfortunately rather stock standard as villains go. There was a tragic past, and he kind of became a douche because of it. What probably prevented audiences from feeling too sympathetic was how ridiculously short his ‘flash back’ scenes were. They were only about 2-3 minutes, and were haphazardly placed in the film, without any real linkage. Audiences were just left with a general lack of care for Gild’s character . Although, I really did enjoy how creative his abilities were, his use of gold as a weapon and way to mass control was truly ingenious.

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What was really interesting were his side kicks, one in particular had the ‘Luck Luck Fruit’, which allowed her to ‘take’ people’s luck. I was far more interested in her character, and would have liked to learn more about how she came to work for Gild. The other side kicks were similarly underdeveloped. Quick sob stories were presented by residents of Gran Tesoro, and we really did feel for them. But I felt like parts of the film were just copied from the Doflamingo story arc  – it didn’t add anything more to the One Piece world. Rather just confirmed fan’s understanding that 99% of people in power are probably making everyone else’s lives a living hell.

The Straw Hat Crew Cutting it Close with Gambling

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As soon as I saw Gran Tesoro, I knew it would be Nami’s paradise. The ship is literally made out of gold. Of course essentially given a free pass to a casino country, would send the rest of the straw hat crew into a high as well. Overall the film didn’t really add much to anyone’s character. Although I really did enjoy seeing the typical straw hat crew gags on the big screen. We got to learn a bit more about Nami’s past, though the character of Carina.

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Carina’s involvement in the film was pretty much useless. She had essentially no personality, and my god her laugh was annoying. I know most One Piece characters have an awful laugh, but this was next level annoyance. The film, combining flashbacks of Carina/Nami and Gild’s past, was probably what ruined it in the end. The flashback sequences were so short, and poorly done, that audiences didn’t really care about the characters nor the relationships between them.

Overall the film was pretty typical of ‘One Piece’. The animation was fantastic, and I did enjoy it. However the villains and other new characters were poorly developed. I did enjoy the little snippets of seeing fan favourites like Sabo appear. But their appearance was mainly fan service, as they didn’t add anything to the plot. Overall a 7/10

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