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My Strange Lover (Otome Game)- Tasuku Ichinose Route

‘My Strange Lovers’ is a VN otome game developed by Genius Inc. The story follows, well, you, as you interact with 4 different beast-humans. You’re looking for a place to live when a realtor suggest you live in a shared house – completely free as long as you do the chores. It seems a deal too good to be true, and it is when you discover the 4 cute guy you’re living with are actually beast-humans. Humans with beast blood flowing through them, giving them special abilities and changing their behaviour on the full moon. For my first play through I decided to go with Tasuku Ichinose, described as the ‘mature unicorn’. To check the other routes click below

Hyouko (The Fox)

Shin (The Wolf)

Mao (The Cat)

Tasuku Ichinose – Falling in love with a unicorn!?

Tasuku is a 32 year old University Professor, studying and teaching ethnography. He’s incredibly calm and kind, and very popular with his students. His ‘story’ has 12 episodes, which you complete with ‘tickets’ or you can buy it. Tickets are really easy to acquire, you receive 3 each day and you can download apps to get a bunch. Tasuku is the first person in the shared house to realise that you are human, but he doesn’t tell anyone, and looks after you.

My Strange Lover Tasuku Ichinose .png

Tasuku’s story line has two main conflicts. The first is that one of his student’s is in love with him, and your character has to battle feelings of anxiety and jealously over their relationship. The second (and probably the more significant one) is that there are creature’s called ‘spectres’ trying to kill beast-humans. Tasuku is of particular interest to spectres since his species is quite rare.  There’s a really exciting fight scene towards the end of the story, and may get your heart racing a little bit.

My Strange Lover Tasuku Ichinose  Spectre.png

Like a majority of Otome games this one had a happy ending. Tasuku  realises his love for you. Despite the fact that falling in love with a human will weaken his powers, he chooses you. You share a semi-passionate kiss in his car, and that’s where the story ends. I was a little bit miffed that all we got was a little peck in the car. I guess from a free game, for a general audience, I shouldn’t expect too much.

My Strange Lover Tasuku Ichinose  end.png

Issues with ‘My Strange Lover’ & Unicorn Route

I have to say, that this wasn’t as great as I thought it was going to be. The ‘options’ you get now and then don’t really affect the story line. So there’s no chance to get a bad end, only a good end. Also the creator’s just didn’t bother to design secondary characters, for example Tasuku’s research assistant who loved him, had NO avatar/ image. Since the game was so short, I finished it in less than an hour, I felt like the whole relationship was rushed. I didn’t get to know much about Tasuku, I kind of just felt like we were just becoming friends at the end. I was also pretty disappointed we never got to see any transformations, kind of wanted to see Tasuku with a horn on his head.

I’ll be continuing the other routes to see how they play out. I hope you’ll continue following my strange adventure ^^ 

The game is free to download at both the apple store and play store. There’s also a Spanish version available!

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