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My Strange Lovers (Otome Game) – Hyouko Suzuki Route

‘My Strange Lovers’ is a mobile otome game that follows you, as you interact with four beast-humans. The game starts off with you moving into a shared house with 4 gorgeous men, you choose one of them to help you settle in, and then slowly develop a relationship with him.  You soon discover that all 4 men are ‘beasts’, and are in dangers from entities called ‘spectres’. For this route I went with Hyouko Suzuki – the fox. Click the links below to check out the other routes.

Tasuku (the Unicorn)

Shin (The Wolf)

Mao (The Cat)

Feeling Foxy with Hyouko Suzuki

Hyouko  is a 27 year old executive in a major corporation, he’s the stereotypical ‘cold beauty’ character. He’s initially quite cold towards your character, not even wanting to eat the breakfast you make for him. He also very quickly realises that you’re a human. Like Tasuku’s story, his has 12 episodes, with about 3-4 tickets needed each episode.

My Strange Lovers Hyouko.png

So one of the major points in Hyouko’s story is meeting one of his work friends (who is also a beast). While hanging out with him, the characters learns more about how hard Hyouko tries at work, as well as his engagement to the CEO’s daughter. The friend ends up being revealed as working with the spectre, and you’re kidnapped by him!

My Strange Lovers beast.jpg

What follows is like a scene from a film, the 4 guys try to rescue you, fail and get caught instead. Hyouko pretends to switch sides and join the spectre but fights back at the last minute almost killing himself. You sweetly nurse him back to health, and upon opening his eyes, he proclaims his love for you. How romantic!

My Strange Lovers Hyouko end.png

Issues with ‘My Strange Lover’ & Fox Route

So just like I mentioned in my previous post, the same problems apply here

  • The options you choose don’t affect the story
  • Side characters have literally no design (see the second pic when side character is talking)
  • Short game – not much character development

One issue I am finding in all the routes, is that all the guys get really aggressive when the full moon rises (in episode 1). In Tasuku’s route it was okay because he could control himself, but in Hyouko’s he pretty much tries to force the MC. It was really uncomfortable, and while he did apologise in the next scene, I hope it doesn’t continue in the last 2 routes.

I’ll be continuing the other routes to see how they play out. I hope you’ll continue following my strange adventure ^^ 

The game is free to download at both the apple store and play store. There’s also a Spanish version available!

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