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My Strange Lovers (Otome Game): Shin Kamiya Route

So we’re back with another ‘My Strange Lovers’ route. This time I check out the wolfish guy, Shin Kamiya. As I mentioned in my previous posts, the game begins with you moving into a shared house. But the 4 guys who live in it, aren’t completely human, they’re beast-humans. To throw into the mix are also ‘spectres’ that hunt the beast-humans, so that they can gain a body to live in.

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Tasuku (the Unicorn)

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Mao (The Cat)

Wolfish Desires with Shin Kamiya

My Strange Lovers Shin Kamiya.png

Shin is a 25 year old, singer in a popular boy band, he’s also a massive asshole. I ain’t gonna mince my words, this boy is a massive twat. He essentially treats you like trash the moment you enter the share house, and goes on about all the women who chase after him. Sounds like real boyfriend material! Better yet, on the first night he pretty much attacks you! After that incident, you quickly head to the realtor, and you want out! Except (like in all the other routes) you have to provide information on the boys.

My Strange Lovers Shin Kamiya Route Mao.png
God is Mao like Seven from Mystic Messenger, where he’s in love with you in every route!?

So this route was by far the most melodramatic. Mao (the cutie pie cat) confesses his love for you, you’re freaking out over Shin ‘dating’ a model and to top it all off beasts are getting murdered left, right and centre. You find out that Shin’s model …friend, is in cahoots with the spectre. You chase after Shin, only to nearly get your butt handed to you by the spectre, Shin saves you, and you share a moment (?). Later, Shin chases after the Spectre, and is wounded. You and everyone come to the rescue, and well it’s happily ever after.

My Strange Lovers Yoichi Shin.png

Except you and Shin have this ‘Twilight’ level angst going on. ‘Oh I can’t love him cause he’ll loose his powers’, ‘Oh I can’t love her cause she’ll be in danger’ etc. etc. You plan to move out of the house, but Shin stops you. He finally accepts his undying love for you, and you guys just make out in an alleyway, well, multiple alleyways.

My Strange Lovers Shin Kamiya end .png

Issues in the Shin Kamiya Route

So like I’ve mentioned in my 2 other routes, there are some overall issues with the game

  • The options you choose don’t affect the story
  • Side characters have literally no design (see the second pic when side character is talking)
  • Short game – not much character development

In Shin’s route, I just really did not respond to him as a character. He was a massive twat to MC, and just a little creepy. He didn’t want to be with MC, but didn’t want anyone else to be with her. As I mentioned in Hyouko‘s route, I’m getting REALLY sick of the guy’s jumping on MC on the full moon. In Shin’s route, MC was terrified when Shin grabbed her. I’m hoping nothing will happen with sweet kitty cat Mao.

With just one more route to go, I hope you’ll continue following my strange adventure ^^ 

The game is free to download at both the apple store and play store. There’s also a Spanish version available!

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    1. Ooh how did you like Mystic Messenger? This game isn’t quite up to the same level, but it’s a good time waster. I played half of this route on my 15 minute train ride to work. Ooh I’ve been meaning to check those out. I hope you write a review on them, would love to hear your experience with them ^^

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