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Top 10 Boys Love Manga with Hijacked Cat

Hijacked Cat and I are doing a really fun collaboration! Each of us will be posting what our top 5 Boys Love manga is, ultimately creating an epic top 10 list. You can check out my top 5 over here. Below is Hijacked Cat’s, some of these I haven’t read but will definitely check out now. Remember to check out her fantastic blog at Another Gaming Day~

I decided to focus my list only on completed works, because I know how suffering ongoing can be, updates are hell to wait for. Plus there’s lots of great finished manga that aren’t as talked about!

Elektel Shinaide, Yonezou Nekota, 5 volumes

J_txyaCt.jpg-large.jpegOne of my utmost favorites is definitely Elektel Shinaide. It approaches both sex and relationships with a degree of realism without drama or angst. From the first page, you know it’s different. One day, Fumi confesses to his childhood friend, Shunpei, that he is gay and that’s how the story starts. I’m not going into spoiler realm, but I loved Fumi’s and Shunpei’s relationship as friends, and it made me wonder why they never got together before. Not only is Nekota Yonezou’s art fabulous and beautiful, plus her sex scenes super hot, but her approach to this story was amazing. Not only did she touch upon preparation for anal sex, she also touched upon that anal sex doesn’t feel good from the start, amongst other things. Plus this is super sex and relationship positive, no rape to be had here!


Earthian, Yun Kouga, 5 volumes

Earthian has a deceitfully simple premise, where angels check plusses and minus for mankind, and if they reach the 10,000 minus limit, they’ll be eradicated. Since the first chapter, this manga chokes me up and makes me cry. Yun Kouga is masterful at pointed commentary, she has a sensibility that shines through, and while she shows the negatives of mankind, at the same time she shows us how amazing we can be. It’s both a social commentary and also one of the more complex BL’s I’ve read. For the Angels, it is immoral and punishable by death to be involved in homosexual relationships. At the same time, there’s a disease spreading throughout them, and their birth rate keeps dropping.

Chihaya is a plus checker, the cutie, and also a black-haired angel, considered impure, filthy and low of birth because of them, he’s an orphan and can control wind. Kagetsuya is the minus checker, and is considered one of the purest angels because of his hair color and eyes, having healing powers and communicating with birds. Rank is important to angels, as is being beautiful, also keeping the secret that they’re angels. They can only show to three earthlings they’re angels, or suffer the consequences by being demoted.

Kokoro Kikai, Sumomo Yumeka, 2 chapters

2vuhprtr-jpg-largeSumomo yumeka is one of my fave mangakas, if not my favorite, because of the depth of her stories, the way she deals with subjects, themes, and how beautiful her art is. Kokoro kikai is two one shots that revolve around two high schools boys feeling like they aren’t alive, like they’re suffocated and heavy. One of them also has scars over the past, and I feel like together their world is brighter. I love her art, it’s ethereal, it’s a bit surreal, it’s lovely, and definitely should read this! This is a good introduction to her works, because it isn’t as heavy. Definitely recommend reading her other works like The Day I Become a Butterfly, and Same Cell Organism.



Nemureru Tsuki, Kano Miyamoto, 2 volumes

This mangaka is better know for her Hydra series, but this is better in my opinion. Using elements of SciFi, horror and fantasy, it blends them in a very interesting story. The family ABCvAI93.jpgis cursed, and the eldest males all die before 35, so the current eldest and protagonist, is searching for a way to dispel the curse. Because he’s having nightmares related to his old family house, he returns to the countryside to try to unveil the mystery. That’s when he starts time slipping, and goes to the past, as he works with one of his ancestors in the past, and his cousin in the present, to figure out why they’re cursed, what happened, and why there’s a mist-clad kimono person stalking them and promising them they’re next to die. I super love when BL introduces rare genres, and this is a really interesting mystery, you’ll be left in suspense till the end!



Silver Diamond, Shiho Sugiura, 27 Volumes

I love this mangaka, she did this and Ice cold demon’s tale, both really great stories. There
is no sex, but lots of implied feelings. This focus more on the story than the romance, but I like light and fluffy too! Though of light… It doesn’t have much when it comes to its themes. Our protagonist has the power to grow greenery in our world, so his house and garden are like a wild forest, but he’s used to it, even tho it’s not normal to have that kind of power. So when a stranger appears from a hole from nowhere, carrying tree guns and full of bandages, he’s very weirded out.

We quickly find out there’s another world, one which is a desert, where there’s almost no water or greenery, and is slowing dying. People have it tough there, and have been waiting for a person that is capable of bringing greenery to their world. Since our protagonist has those exact powers, he accepts going into the other world to help people. This one has lots of fighting, cool moments, super pretty art, some dark themes once you got further into it, plus some twists and resolutions. I cried when I finished it, it had so much impact and its message is so beautiful, it definitely shines light in the dark!


And that’s my top 5 BL, though I had a bunch others I wanted to mention, some just ended up not being able to fit, either because they’re still ongoing or because I wanted to have variety of sex and fluffy :’D

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Boys Love Manga with Hijacked Cat

  1. I loved collabing with you, this was so fun hehe!

    P.s. Earthian cover is in the middle of the text, as is Nemureru Tsuki, and Silver Diamond’s :’D

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  2. Yonezou Nekota’s art is SO GOOD like oMG

    Yun Kouga’s manga are some of my favs! Even though Loveless is taking forever?? gone?? idk really, i still read it and collect it because of how natural her m/m and g/g couples are (plus the angst like pls just torture me i like to be tortured). i actually bought the first 3 volumes of Earthian recently because they’re by her, excited to see what happens! (have you read gestalt? also a series by her, i started reading it awhile back but didn’t complete it for some reason lol)

    Sumomo Yumeka is one of my ALL TIME fav mangaka because of her stories! I also really like her art but after awhile the characters just all start to mesh together :/ But i like the style anyways! I haven’t read this one yet, must do so soon! i also heard she did this sports manga (don’t know if it was just one volume) and that it was Really Good

    Wow ok I need to check this one out! It’s pretty rare to find yaoi manga outside of your “slice of life” type thing and i love me some fantasy elements 😀

    Silver Diamond is one of my fav BL titles that doesn’t end after 1 or 2 books! (lol) Also I didn’t know it was complete :000

    Awesome post!

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      Yun Kouga has me shook, she’s writing for that GL manga, so why can’t she do the same and make someone else draw for Loveless if she can’t?? I love her mangas, so I’m all for it. Yes, torture me ❤ /sobs
      I haven't read Gestalt yet, I do want to read all her work tho
      YES, SUMOMO YUMEKA MAKES ME CRY SO HARD AAAH. True, if you read too much they kinda blend together but her stories stay in the mind regardless!
      Right?! I like slice of life but pls give me something else. Crimson Spell is another fantasy one, but since it's ongoing I did not include it~
      Silver Diamond and Ice Cold Demon Tale are both complete now, woooo!
      I actually wanted to put Ze in too, another with fantasy themes!, but this was a struggle to try to make it have a mix of titles :'D

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  3. You certainly had a variety of sex and fluffiness in your list. Good call on picking completed works – the pain of waiting for updates is too raww.

    You two Cats should do more collabs!

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  4. Wow, I love the sound of Earthian and Nemureru Tsuki. All of Cat’s choices sound pretty great, but those two stood out to me because of their unusual set-ups and what seem like wonderfully complex stories. Also like the sex positive slant of Elektel Shinaide, we can all use advice on proper preparation for butt stuff 😜 Adding them to my “starting life as a BL reader” list 🤗


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