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Reverse Tale of Genji Romance (Otome): Prologue & Routes

Reverse Tale of Genji Romance is a new Otome mobile app by Genius Inc. The story is a very loosely based of ‘The Tale of Genji’, except ‘Genji’ in this case is you, a beautiful princess. The story literally begins with “with each passing year, the princess grew more and more beautiful”. Unfortunately for you, you’ve reached marriageable age. Your step-father and other nobles have organised an arranged marriage with another nobleman, Aoi. You’re character is then thrown into a whirlwind romance with 4 gorgeous men fighting for her hand in marriage.

Prologue & Introductions to the Bishies

As mentioned above, the story begins with you’re engagement to Aoi. You’re a little nervous, knowing that you could be potentially meeting your life partner. But any hopes of that are dashed, when you realise exactly what a pig Aoi is. He insults you to your face and claims he doesn’t really want to get to know you. You run out of the room, infruitated, only to bump into Rokujo, who is captivated by your beauty. Later you find your childhood friend, Murasaki and complain about what’s happened to him. He and his friend, Akashi, try to cheer you up. After talking to your step father you are given the option to choose which route you want to go down.

Click the name below to see my route guide on each character :

Aoi —– Rokujo —– Murasaki —– Akashi

Reverse Tale of Genji Aoi.png
Aoi the twat
Reverse Tale of Genji Rokujo.png
Romantic Rokujo
Reverse Tale of Genji Murasaki.png
Sweet Murasaki
Reverse Tale of Genji Akashi.png
Cutie Pie Akashi
Reverse Tale of Genji Fujitsubo.png
The mature, cool step father

First Impressions

My first time playing Genius Inc games was with ‘My Strange Lovers’, and there were a lot of issues with those games. You can check out my review of those over here. So I was a little apprehensive to start this game. So far this game does seem like an improvement on ‘My Strange Lovers’, the layout is a lot more presentable, and it seems like there’s an ‘album’ for in game pictures. There also seems to be a secret romance route with your step father, which seems to be unlocked once you completed the other routes. That’s not to say there aren’t some real issues in the game:

  • Words and names are often misspelled, you can see above both Aoi and Rokujo have their name spelt incorrectly in the app. The app will switch between the spelling in the images and the ones I’ve used.
  • There are a lot of freezing issues, I’ve needed to reload my save file quite a few times. This mainly happens when you move to another ‘chapter’ of the story.
  • Compared to ‘My Strange Lovers’ the no. of points needed for story tickets has double! In My Strange Lovers, 3 points would get you 1 story ticket and 100 points would get you an end ticket. In this game it’s 6 points for 1 ticket and 200 points for an end ticket!  You can buy all routes for $16.

I hope you enjoy this prologue and initial first impressions post. It seems with this game (as it was with My Strange Lovers) the prologue is the same for all routes. So rather than re-writting it in every post I can just link to this.

I hope you’ll continue with me on my ‘Reversed Tale of Genji Romance’! 


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    1. I’m hoping to get it posted by Sunday night 🙂 I just finished Akashi’s route and gotta save up points to get the story tickets. I’m hoping his route is good cause he’s such a babe ❤


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