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Reverse Tale of Genji Romance: Rokujo Route & Walkthrough

It’s the first of my ‘Reverse Tale of Genji Romance’ walkthroughs – Rokujo! Rokujo is the cool, and gentle noble beauty, who essentially falls in love with you at first sight.  Unfortunately, you’re engaged to, Aoi, another noble. How will your’s and Rokujo’s love flourish? You can check out the prologue of ‘Reverse Tale of Genji Romance’ over here.  Scroll to the bottom under the title ‘Update’ for what options to choose to get the super good end. 

Aoi —– Murasaki —– Akashi


For some reason the CG is no longer loading for Reverse Genji Romance. I contacted Genius Inc. through email, twitter and instagram and they never responded to me. If you would like a copy of the CG you can email me at kurosamareviews@gmail.com. Can you also email Genius (support@gen-ius.com) about this issue? Maybe if they get enough emails about it they will finally fix it up!

Rokujo and Aoi festival clash reverse tale of Genji.png

Straight after the prologue, you attend a yearly festival. You’re dressed up perfectly, but the strings on your shoe snap! Not to worry, Rokujo is there with his perfect sewing skills, and fixes your shoes right up. All the nobles are being carried around by ox carriage and almost paraded around. After the festival there’s a commotion, Aoi and Rokujo’s carriages have smashed into each other. Rokujo’s carriage is damaged beyond repair, and he is forced to walk home. You can either select to try and walk home with him, or ask him to join you and Aoi, but the result is the same.

Rokujo happy to see you reverse tale of genji.png

Soon after the festival you visit Aoi again, trying to make this arranged marriage work. Your best friend, is actually Aoi’s sister, so with her help you try to make cordial talk. Unfortunately, Aoi isn’t in the mood and after an awkward talk you leave. Since you’re in the area, you decide to visit Rokujo. Unfortunately the poor sweetheart is feeling really sick, the two of you chat and have a good time.

Aoi attacked Reverse Genji Romance.png

You go to visit Aoi again a few days later. This time your friend informs you Aoi was attacked by a ghost! He’s resting, and you tend to him for a little while, which he doesn’t seem too pleased about. However you notice one of Rokujo’s scent pouches near Aoi’s pillow. You’re worried again about Rokujo so decided to visit him. He’s feeling even worse this time! He confides in you that ever since he has fallen ill, he’s dreamed of murdering Aoi, your fiancé. You decide to stay with him and nurse him back to health.

Rokujo killing Aoi.png

Aoi angry reverse genji romance.png

You continue your days at Rokujo’s house. You give him breakfast, entertain him during the day and stay with him until he drifts off to sleep. Those days are filled with peace and calm. After a week or so, you realise that you better actually inform your stepfather that you’re staying at Rokujo’s house. You first visit Aoi’s house to check up on him, and he is not pleased. Considering that you’re engaged, I understand that he would be angry that you nursed another man back to health, while Aoi was also sick. After visiting Aoi you visit your step father you allows you stay with Rokujo. You also bump into Murasaki and Akashi, who you invite back to Rokujo’s house, to entertain him.

Mursaki Reverse Genji romance Rokujo route.png

The four of you get on famously, and you’re pleased to see Rokujo having a good time. Since it’s late, Akashi and Murasaki stay the night. It’s late when you hear a strange sound outside of your room. You open your door to see a white snake like creature crawling in the hallway. I selected to check out Rokujo’s room, but the game, regardless of what you choose, sends you to Akashi and Murasaki’s room. Once inside their room, you can see them being attacked by the creature, the creature also chants. Murasaki throws some incense at the creature and Akashi begins playing his flute. Both manage to drive the creature off.

Akashi purification Reverse Genji romance.png

The next morning, Akashi and Murasaki leave, you visit Rokujo’s room to see he is even more ill. At this point he tells you that he is the ghost attacking any of the men that get close to you. He fears that he might harm you and sends you away. We also get a translation of what the ghost was chanting.

I love you so much, and my love for you pulls my soul out of my body to see you. Please tie my soul to my body tightly, not to let my soul go.”

You arrive back home and a discussion with your step father reveals the hidden pain of Rokujo. A few year ago he was engaged to a woman named Togu. On the eve of the wedding, Togu ran off with her lover, however they both froze to death. You want to save Rokujo from himself, and together you return back to Rokujo’s house. Rokujo is even worse than before, and the two of you battle Rokujo’s ghost form.

Rokujo Stepfather Togu.png

It’s quite an intense scene, you’re trapped by the snake but after calling Rokujo’s name, the snake loosens it’s grip. Ultimately, Rokujo manages to climb out of the snake and kills it. Freeing himself from his past and lingering regret. You embrace, and Rokujo tells you that a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. When you return home with Fujitsubo, Fujitsubo informs you he has cancelled your engagement with Aoi. You are free to marry Rokujo.

Rokujo Reverse Genji Romance end.png

At the end you move back into Rokujo’s house, waiting for your wedding ceremony. Rokujo invites Murasaki, Akashi, Aoi and your best friend to his house to celebrate. Aoi tells you that he has frustrated with you trying to make the arrangement between you two work, when you clearly weren’t interested. The final scene is you and Rokujo enjoying some sake while looking at Autumn leaves. He tells you that you’re the only person he’s ever loved, and ever will love.

Issues through Rokujo’s Route

So in my prologue post I already posted a few issues I’ve noticed with the game. Again, you can check those out over here. After playing Rokujo’s route I’ve noticed a few more

  • Just like ‘My Strange Lover’, the options you choose have no effect on the story.
  • There are continuous spelling mistakes and formatting errors
  • Some parts don’t quite make sense, at the end you claim that you are being spoilt by Rokujo, as he gives you a luxurious life – but you’re a princess!? Shouldn’t you be used to a luxurious life?
  • Finally my BIGGEST ISSUE – There’s no cute ending picture! In my prologue, the game has an ‘album’ section, but there’s no pictures in the actual play through!? At least My Strange Lover had a cute ending picture.
Text different sizes, and sometimes can be different fonts. What you choose doesn’t change the story/ ending

That’s it for the Rokujo route play through/ walkthrough. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Make sure to subscribe if you’d like to keep up to date on all my Reverse Romance stories ^_^

Update 3/12/16 – I got the end picture!

So after playing through Murasaki’s route (walkthrough coming out tomorrow morning!) I found out that what you choose does indeed affect the ending! I tried to replay Rokujo’s route with this in mind and got the end picture (which I missed). I went through Rokujo’s route actively trying to get a bad end, but it was the ‘super good end’. I’ll try to play through Murasaki’s route again to see if a bad end does exist (I’m a little over Rokujo’s).  Below are the options I chose to get the ‘super good end’, essentially the difference between the ‘good end’ and ‘super good end’ is that you get some sexy time with Rokujo.

  • You must be joking…
  • (Somehow I want to be close to Aoi)
  • You are pretty handy
  • Be careful
  • I gotta talk to Aoi
  • I wonder if Aoi would accept a marriage with me
  • Did Aoi get this from Mister Rokujo as well?
  • Somehow…
  • I hope you feel better soon
  • Can’t you change the date of departure?
  • Don’t confuse me like that
  • “……”
  • Murasaki, Akashi, introduce yourselves
  • I gotta follow it
  • Those ashes…
  • Please calm down for now
  • What should I do…?
  • I want to help you
  • Mister Fujitsubo!
  • Run to Mister Rokujo
  • I might
  • The engagement with Aoi got cancelled

Rokujo Reverse Genji Romance end picture.png

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    1. I know right! I was devastated! I agree, it was really frustrating, like I would direct my character to one room and she’d be like “actually…let’s go here” -_- it was almost just like reading a comic than playing a game

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