4 Manga I’d Rather Die Than Read Again

Every manga lover has one or two manga that they read, and almost threw the damn book out the window. Well, I happen to have 4 of these. That’s right 4 manga that would gladly burn out of existence. So welcome to a post filled with hatred and disappointment! If I save one person from wasting their time, then I would have done a great service to humanity.


Dead Tube – Kitakawa Touta & Yamaguchi Mikoto

So one of my first ever posts on this blog was on my top 5 survival game manga. I do not shy away from blood, gore or horror. So when I read the plot of ‘Dead Tube’ I was pumped. The story follows a young boy who gets roped into participating in ‘Dead Tube’ by his school’s beauty. You have to film yourself doing an incredibly action, some people film themselves committing suicide, while others film themselves murdering other people. The competition runs once a month, and the idea is to get as many views as possible and become the ‘winner’. The people with the least amount of views will bear the burden of paying for everyone else’s behaviour. So if someone robbed a bank, the one with the lowest views would either have the pay the money back, or go to jail. Then times this by 100, since you have to pay back for ALL participants.


So real talk, I probably should have figured something was up when the guy was filming the girl peeing, but I had hopes. A lot of the main guy and girl’s ‘story’ involves seeing people brutally murdering one another, or murdering them themselves. What TRULY put me off this manga was that every story arc featured a woman getting brutally raped. There was even a story where a teacher had been driven insane after being gang raped by her students a few years before, and the main characters just watch her being raped, and don’t do anything. There’s also the incredibly creepy fact that the main guy gets a hard on anytime someone gets their head bashed in.

Itoshi No Mirai-Kun (Mirai is my lover) – Yoshida Yuuko

So this one wasn’t nearly as grotesque as the previous manga, but it did make me feel very uncomfortable. ‘Mirai is my lover’ is a BL manga, and follows two childhood friends. Mirai itoshi-no-mirai-kunKun is a innocent young boy, and his childhood friend constantly watches over him. The first few chapters follow the various relationships Mirai Kun has, the first with a senpai at school, the next with an otaku and the final one with a random office worker. In the last two Mirai is essentially just used for sex. The second someone tells Mirai that they love him, he’ll go out with them.

The two chapters dealing with the otaku and the office worker were incredibly unsettling. I just wanted to grab Mirai and protect him. Mirai is ready to do anything for the men that claim to love him, he’ll dress up for them and even do sexual acts that he feels uncomfortable with. The manga does end happily for Mirai and the childhood friend, thankfully, but still, give this one a miss.

5 Ji Kara 9 Ji Made (From 5 to 9)- Aihara Miki

I’ve written about this one before, but it still haunts me. Every now and again I’ll be going on my daily life, and I’ll think about and just get so angry. I only got through the first 4 chapters, which follows Sakuraba Junko, whose family have forced an arrange marriage interview upon her. The guy turns out to be a buddhist monk, and a twat. He essentially tells her that her dreams and aspirations are worthless, and locks her up. To make matters worse SHE FALLS IN LOVE WITH HIM. This strong female character, who had dreams and plans for her life, falls in love with this crazy sexist man. The manga has also been developed into a Japanese drama, which a few blogging buddies have said is even worse than the manga. Excuse me, I just need to cry in a corner.


12-ji Kara Hajimaru – Ayane Ukyou

This manga is by far the most disappointing manga I have ever read. And yes, unfortunately, it is another BL series. The story follows Shoyu, who runs a cozy pub. He rents the room above the pub and sleeps during the day while it’s run as a restaurant by the owners. Unfortunately the owners have decided to retire, and Shoyu can’t afford to to run the place by himself.  But (horribly) a man from his past says he’ll run the restaurant during the day, and pushes himself into living with Shoyu above the restaurant. The man is Shoyu’s ‘lover’ from 12 years ago, who raped Shoyu. After the attack, Shoyu was hospitalised and had to move, his parents also found out his sexual orientation and became distant.

12-ji Kara Hajimaru .jpg

The man continues to insert himself into Shoyu’s life, trying to make Shoyu fall in love with him. For the first 3 chapters Shoyu consistency rebukes him, the story seems to become one that shows the strength sexual assault survivors have, a story of bravery. But then it goes downhill FAST.  The man continually tells Shoyu that Shoyu seduced him, and that it’s Shoyu’s fault, and Shoyu starts accepting that. HE (SHOYU) APOLOGISES AND THEY HAVE A REALTIONSHIP *SCREAMS*.  The RAPIST says NOTHING, he’s convinced that HE’S the victim. Can someone please invent a machine that can wipe this entire series from my memory?

All About Anime wrote a really interesting article on this manga, which looks at the series as more of a ‘grey area’ – I really loved reading it!

So that’s the end of my post. I hope that after reading through each of them, you can see how my header image was quite appropriate 😛 As I said above, reading these was almost worth it, if it stops just one person from suffering.

Do you have a manga that you would rather die than read again? 

44 thoughts on “4 Manga I’d Rather Die Than Read Again

  1. “The guy turns out to be a buddhist monk, and a twat.” 😂 Out-of-context TwoHappyCats. That last one sounds especially hair-pullingly infuriating, it’s cruel and unusual how many stories like that end up blaming the victim. Yeah, I’ll definitely be steering clear of all of these.

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  2. Dead Tube premise sounds really interesting 👀👀👀✨ but dang, sounds like a clusterfuck too 😹
    Mirai-kun sounds good, sadly there’s plenty of people that get taken advantage like that /jots down, I wanna see him being happy so I’ll give it a go

    PS “pushes himself into living with Shoe” who’s shoe? 😹

    Ooh, that last manga is from the kuroneko artist 👀👀
    I haven’t read it but yikes, but well her stories aren’t blessed with the best of stories…99% of the time 😅


    1. The last two chapters of Mirai-kun are sweet (?) I guess, but yeah let me know what you think.

      Ahh yes Shoe, the mysterious sexy footwear that MC falls in love with 😛

      I was really disappointed with this one. Cause Kuroneko is such a sweet series. Then she just hit me with this shit.


  3. Wow, that is some messed up pile of manga. I can definitely see why you’re so firmly against going back to them. Sadly and oddly, I’ve found that rape and sexual abuse seems to be a fairly frequently seen part of a lot of shounen ai/Yaoi stories. I have no idea why, and obviously some handle these themes way better than others, but that’s been my experience with the sub-genre. That last manga, however, holy crap. I’ve read a manga once where a guy fell in love with his rapist just…well, because, and that baffled and enraged me enough, but convincing the victim that he’s at fault for the rape and having him APOLOGIZE for it and them end up together is just….I have no words. Just wow.

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    1. I agree, it is a really odd part of the genre, I don’t really understand why it’s used as a plot device either. It never adds anything to the story is just a way to get the characters to have sex, I’ve been trying to avoid BL series with rape in them but sometimes something takes me by surprise.

      I was so angry with that series. I was reading it as it came out, and so had to wait between chapters. I was so excited to see MC destroy his attacker, but when the next chapter came out and he was APOLOGISING, I lost it.

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      1. You’re welcome!
        Some people just don’t know how to write romance. Or they feel like they have to throw in these terrible characters that alienate the readers/ viewers / players. It’s a sad showing at times.


  4. I’m not a manga type of guy but dead tube actually seems to have a very interesting concept. If someone made an anime with the same concept as dead tube and in a much more tamed manner, I’d be interested to check that out. At the very least, I think manga has a lot of originality that anime doesn’t really have a whole lot of.

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    1. I agree, I would have really loved the series if it cut out all the rape. You might be interested in a series called ‘Real Account’ it’s another psychological survival manga but focuses on social media in general.

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  5. I’ll make sure to run in the opposite direction if I ever come across any of these. The first and last ones are particularly disturbing. Victim-blaming is one of those things that send me into a rage and the one you mentioned above is a truly appalling example of it.

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    1. Definitely! I was honestly so angry when I read both of them, the first one particularly disgusted me cause the group just sits there and watch the woman be assaulted just so they can film her kill her assailants. The last one, just wow, I like flipped my laptop over when I read it.

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  6. I must be warped. There are one or two there that I have read and didn’t hate them. I didn’t pick up on all those themes. Perhaps I should relook them to see how blind I was…

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      1. Itoshi No Mirai-Kun and ji Kara Hajimaru. Although I have read so many BL where rape turns into love… Although I didn’t see the blaming in ji Kara Hajimaru, will really need to re-look that. Perhaps I interpreted it a diff way. It’s an interesting thought thou. Kinda like, what do you read and watch without actually taking it in…

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      2. Looking back at Itoshi no Mirai-Kun, I think the story can be taken 2 ways. The first is that it’s about this young boy going through these relationships and trying to find out what ‘love’ really is. Each relationship he has is ‘ conditional love’ and he is constantly hurt, but he eventually finds ‘unconditional love’ beside him in the form of his friend. In that sense, it’s quite a sweet BL story. I kind of interpreted the story in the other way where I just saw the story as this poor young boy going through these relationships being used and abused by these awful awful people. I felt the manga was designed very voyeuristically – I almost felt like I was intruding on this young boy’s life when he was so vulnerable.

        Sorry for the long spiel, I suddenly just got a brain wave of ideas 😛

        But yeah I’d definitely be interested in what you say about Ji Kara Hajimaru when you have a chance to re-read it ^^

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      3. I re-read it and did a review – I also mentioned and linked back to both your blog and this post (^^,) I don’t mind long spiels they are fun hehe. Yea I felt sorry for Mirai-Kun, he was really naive and innocent, I’m glad he gets a happy ending thou. 12-ji Kara Hajimaru however really got me thinking and I looked at it differently with your words going through my mind. It def got me thinking

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  7. Just read this article after discussing Guilty-pleasures in our latest podcast so I’m now really interested in discussing peoples likes and dislikes in Manga. I’ve never read any of the manga you’ve discussed here (and you certainly don’t sell them too me) although have you met anyone that did enjoy these, and maybe felt a bit closeted about it? And in contrast, have you ever met someone who had a strong dislike for something you actually enjoyed? I’d love to hear what you think x

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    1. Hiya, I haven’t really met anyone who had as strong an opinion about these series as I did. The 5 Ji Kara manga was actually adapted to a drama in Japan, so I guess it may have been popular enough for that to happen. With 12 Ji kara All About Anime wrote a really interesting post, which was saying the manga was a bit of a ‘grey’ area. I’ve linked her post above if you want to check it out 🙂

      I tend to read a lot of BL manga, and I know when I was in High School, my group of friends hated it, and I had to keep my love secret. One friend in particular found out another friend read it, and kept calling her a pervert. But now, I don’t think there’s any series I’ve read that I adored where other people hated, it’s more that I dislike shows that everyone loves. For example I really hated watching Blue Exorcist, I found a lot of the characters just really twatty, but I know heaps of anime fans love that show 🙂 Hope I helped :D!

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  8. So interesting! I’m actually very curious about “5 Ji Kara 9 Ji Made”. I’ve seen many reviews written about this manga. I want to read it firsthand. I heard there’s also a live-action drama? I don’t know, not sure.

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    1. Yeah for me with dead tube I just found it very unnecessary, I enjoy watching horror films and Hostel is one of my favourites. But I just didn’t understand why every single story arc in Dead Tube had to include someone getting raped (and quite graphically). So for me it was quite disappointing


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