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Reverse Tale of Genji Romance – Murasaki Route & Walkthrough

We’re back in the world of Genji Romance, this time our route focuses on the kind and handsome childhood friend – Murasaki! You’ve just found out you’re engaged to a nobleman named Aoi. You’re not too pleased by it, but there’s nothing you can do. To read the full prologue click here. To check out Rokujo’s route (the sexy white hair nobleman) click here.

Aoi —– Rokujo —– Akashi


For some reason the CG is no longer loading for Reverse Genji Romance. I contacted Genius Inc. through email, twitter and instagram and they never responded to me. If you would like a copy of the CG you can email me at kurosamareviews@gmail.com. Can you also email Genius (support@gen-ius.com) about this issue? Maybe if they get enough emails about it they will finally fix it up!

Walkthrough – Please see message above.

Below are the options you need to choose to get  a ‘super good end’ – meaning you get an image! Otherwise you’ll just receive a good end – no image.

  • I can’t change so suddenly
  • Wait, this is so one-sided. It’s not right
  • I don’t want Murasaki and Chujo to get married
  • Talk about the situation
  • I want her to talk to me about it first
  • Murasaki, you saved me. Thanks
  • Murasaki, I want to talk to you…
  • Murasaki, you are trying really hard
  • Maybe I should invite Murasaki
  • So, you get along with Chugo, huh?
  • A very important person
  • You are always doing great at your job
  • Murasaki, wake up…
  • I don’t feel like you are my little brother now…
  • Chujo, are you in love with Murasaki?
  • I’m disappointed in you
  • I have a crush on someone else
  • Mister Rokujo, please excuse me today
  • Murasaki…actually…
  • I don’t want you to tell me that
  • I’m going to refuse to get engaged with Aoi
  • Touch his cheek

What happens…

Straight after the prologue you head out to the garden and see Murasaki. You chat with him a little bit about your engagement and that you’re not incredibly pleased with it. As you talk, your best friend Chujo appears. It’s well known that Chujo has a slight crush on the handsome Mursaki. She berates you for hanging out alone with Murasaki despite you having a fiancé. You and Murasaki express your shock at not being able to hang out anymore. Yet Chujo has a great idea – why doesn’t she marry Murasaki, and then you’ll be brother and sister in law – and can chat without arousing suspicion.

Chujo Reverse Genji Romance Murasaki route.png

Neither of you are happy, you especially have become filled with anxiety at the thought of Murasaki being married. You confide in Akashi your fears and he tells you to find out all the information before you fret. You decide to visit Chujo at her house and talk to her about how ridiculous she is being. But Aoi is the only one home, he’s clearly angry at how you’re so emotionally involved with Muasaki. Aoi gets very close to you, to the point he’s pushed you against a wall and you’re feeling incredibly uncomfortable. What’s even more shocking is that Aoi tells you that Chujo was the one who organised your engagement with Aoi!

Aoi Reverse Genju Romance Murasaki Route.png

That’s when Murasaki comes in, looking for Chujo, he grabs you away from Aoi. He also explains he’s here to tell Chujo that he is formally rejecting her proposal. Unfortunately, later, it’s revealed that Chujo has no intention to accept his refusal. She keeps pressuring him. A few days later there’s a festival, you want to invite Murasaki but catch Akashi instead. Akashi and you are having a good time when you bump into Chujo and Murasaki. Chujo insults you again, saying that you have a fiancé so why are you going with another man. Murasaki and Akashi try to stand up for you, but Chujo whispers to you some biting words.

Chujo Murasaki Genji Romance.png

Chujo genji romance.png

A few days later Akashi comes to visit you, to apologise for putting you in an awkward position. He tells you about Murasaki’s past, his father was from a high social class but his mother was not. His mother died soon after he was born and he was essentially alone until he met you. He reinforces how important you are to Murasaki. You go to find Murasaki to talk to him but he’s too busy, at night you find him in the garden. He’s suffering from insomnia, but he falls asleep on your shoulder. You both wake in the morning and share a romantic moment. Unfortunately, Chujo spotted both of you. She visits your room and there begins an epic cat fight. She tells you she is interested in younger men, and simply likes Murasaki because he is popular.

Chujo Reverse Genji Romance.png

As you exit the room to follow Chujo you bump into Rokujo. He hasn’t appeared since the prologue but hands you a love letter. Chujo has clearly told him about your cancelled engagement and he pursues you with a  new found vigour. Just as things get heated Murasaki intervenes, you excuse yourself and Murasaki takes you into his room. There he pushes you against the wall, telling you that you have no self-awareness and submit to the power of men (da faq?)

Rokujo Murasaki Route.png

Murasaki Reverse Genji.png

You later enter the gardens to think and Akashi comes to comfort you. As you chat Murasaki appears and acts rather suspiciously. Akashi tries to explain to Murasaki what is going on, but then Chujo appears and it’s one big scene out of the ‘Bold and the Beautiful’. Chujo essentially calls you a slut and you fight back. It’s revealed the Chujo and Akashi may have a relationship and when Akashi stands up for you again, Chujo breaks down. She says that she’s a lot better than you (even though you’re a princess!?). Anywho Akashi takes Chujo away crying and you and Murasaki are able to rest easy together.

Chujo bitch.png

At  the end you and Murasaki confess your love for one another. Your step father calls both of you to his room, and he allows the two of you to be officially engaged. You and Murasaki go through the garden and come across some violets, his favourite. He explains they were a symbol of his love for you. The final scenes are of you trying on your wedding kimono and Murasaki seeing you. He tells you how beautiful you look, and well, it’s insinuated you get some sexy time on. Also I got an end picture this time!

Murasaki Romance.png

Murasaki end image Reverse Genji Romance.png

I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough! I’ll try to get through the last 2 routes by the end of next week 🙂 

7 thoughts on “Reverse Tale of Genji Romance – Murasaki Route & Walkthrough

  1. Chujo needs to calm down, oh my gosh. At least she didn’t hire a bunch of dudes to beat the player character up like in that one route in My Strange Lovers…
    Did you like Murasaki’s route more than that of Rokujo’s?

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. LMFAO! Right!? Although my next play through I’m going after Akashi (her boy toy) and then I’m gonna get her brother. I think I liked Rokujo’s route a little bit more, it felt a bit more emotional rather than just one bit cat fight. Thank you ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. To be honest, it sounds like the player character is ruining Chujo’s life by either stealing away the man she’s infatuated with, her boytoy, or her brother, wahaha. Still, the woman really needs to control herself.
        Yeah, the entirety of Murasaki’s route seemed to be dominated by Chujo and her wrath. Let’s hope it isn’t like that for the other routes.


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