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My ‘Mystic Messenger’ Experience

Over the last 1.5 – 2 months ‘Mystic Messenger has exploded over the internet, especially in the Otaku community. It’s only recently died down a little bit because of the beauty and grace that is ‘Yuri on Ice’. ‘Mystic Messenger’ is an otome mobile app by Chetiz. The game is by far one of the best free otome games out there, players can send characters text messages and even get phone calls from them. On top of that the character development is outstanding, and routes go for 11 days in real time. There’s lots of really fantastic guides out there on how to get each route, so I won’t be doing that. Rather I with this post, I wanted to let you guys know my impressions of each route. I hope you guys enjoy it! Spoilers below!

zen-mystic-messenger-good-endZen Route – Good End

I was a little unsure at the beginning of Zen’s route, he was a major pretty boy and not really my type. But wow he stole my heart. The main ‘conflict’ in Zen’s route is his co-star ‘Echo Girl’ who creates false rumours that Zen had tried to assault her. I have never been so furious at a game character in all my life, I wanted to crawl inside my mobile and destroy Echo Girl. I found Zen to be so incredibly sweet, my heart beat quite a few times when I was ‘talking’ on the phone with him, or when he sent me cute pictures. Why do I need to do to make him real?

Jaehee Route – Good End

Mystic Mesenger Jaehee End.png

I was so ready for some proper romance in this route, before starting it, I was like ‘YAS CHERITZ, YAS’. And while the route was incredibly amazing, we got hit with a friendzone at the end. Jaehee’s route focuses on her relationship with Jumin, her work and her life goals. I found this route to be the most ‘real’ of all the routes. I really connected with Jaehee, and I felt like I was really consoling and supporting a friend/loved one. Cheritz did a fantastic job with Jaehee’s route, I just really wish we could properly marry her at the end!

Jumin Route – Good End

Couldn’t have had a better dress!?

So Jumin is my perfect guy. The second I downloaded ‘Mystic Messenger’, I was like yes give me that silver spoon rich kid right now. And when I finally got enough ‘hearts’ to start the ‘deep story mode’, I was…disappointed. I feel like there was just too much going on in Jumin’s route, we had his strained relationship with his father, his inability to emotionally connect, his past love of Rika, and his crazy arranged marriage. In the midst of all this there’s the creepy organisation trying to hunt us down, and we’re trying to build a relationship. Also, before I forget, he keeps me in his apartment for a few days. I’m not up for that and tell him I wanna leave, and he’s just kind of like ‘lol no’. So yeah, a  little creepy, a little intense, definitely not the best.

707 Route – Good End

707 is the guy that gets all the players talkin’. He’s apparently in love with you, in every Mystic Messenger 707 Good End.pngsingle route you do. Which is absolutely heartbreaking. His route starts of pretty cheesy and cute, but then becomes so heartbreaking. 707 is a secret agent, and essentially finds out his twin brother, who he thought was safe, has been brainwashed by this organisation. He pushes you away because he wants to keep you safe, and also struggles with his own identity. There were times were I was on the brink of tears, I made my character try to comfort 707, but he would push me away. Like Jaehee’s route, this was incredibly realistic, and I absolutely loved it. 707’s route continues as he tries to save his brother after the main game finishes.

Mystic Messenger Yoosung bad end.png
I had to go through this TWICE

Yoosung Route – Bad End

You know what Yoosung can do? He can shove a damn cactus up his cherry boy ass. I played his damn route twice, wasted a total of 14 days trying to get his good end, and got the exact same bad end. Friends who have gotten his ‘good end’ have told me that he looses his eye or something. Will good, damn blonde asshole broke my heart.

In summary you know who can go f**k themselves? Yoosung can.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed Mystic Messenger. It was such an immersive experience, and genuinely looked forward to each chatroom and phone call I received from characters. Unfortunately, since the max speed button is no longer available, I won’t try to go back and finish shitty Yoosung’s route. Without the max speed button, waiting for chats to come through can be quite tedious. Overall I highly recommend this game to any new time or veteran otome players.

13 thoughts on “My ‘Mystic Messenger’ Experience

  1. Lol I was definitely on the MM bandwagon when it was at its peak… but soon I realized that I enjoyed my sleep more than chatting with hot guys lol. I only managed to get through Zen’s route, but I’ve seen enough spoilers on Tumblr to know what happens in the other routes.

    Out of all the guys, Seven will always be bae! Those glasses are just too sexy! Plus I love that he’s in love with the MC in every route… makes me love him even more.

    Awesome review Twin!!

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    1. I’m so happy to have sleep back again :’) Yess Seven!! He’s such a cutie, I remember almost crying during one of his scenes. Zen always holds a special place in my heart, after Yoosung broke it he fixed it. Thank you~

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  2. OMG ! You’re the first person I know that hates yoosung! He was my first good end and it was really sweet. But that bad end is so messed up! Also, 707 is my absolute favorite. I got hints that he was in love with MC in each route. I think I’m Jumins he said something about how jumping would be better suited to MC than him or something along those lines.

    Yes! It was so well developed for an 11 day game- but omg so time consuming and incredibly distracting when you’re at work lol! I’ve been wanting to go back and play through to collect all the CGs but I don’t know i can put myself through that again-less sleep and constantly on my phone.

    I’m still playing through Hakuoki and Amnesia:Memories. I’m probably going to play Nameless on steam by Cheritz at some point too!

    Great review I’m really excited to see otome game reviews! Since I’m so new to it I’m glad to be exposed to more content and other games!

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    1. LMFAO! Haha! How did you get Yoosung’s good end? But yeah the bad end is genuinely awful, I don’t think anything could make me like him at this point. He just seems like the typical twat.
      Oh my gosh yeahhh, I felt so guilty when he said that in Jumin’s route ;-;. I was like “Dw baby I’m coming for you next~!”
      Oooh I really wanna play those two! I got Amnesia through the Autumn steam sale, so just have to install it :3 Thank you very much ^^

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      1. lol I used a guide for all of them lmao!! Yoosung is a puppy u have to constantly remind him that he’s loved he needs the reassurance which is too high maintenance!. Lmao! I knooo 70777 for life! Haha omg u got steam?! When you do Tomas route (diamond) ! Be careful! I got his bad end and was really really really traumatized 😭 but I loved him but he’s so…it’s sad! 😭😭😭

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  3. Before, my first impression of Yoosung was like, ‘Meh,’ but when I actually got to his good ending, it made me cry a lot. I could relate to him so much, from being the one who gets treated as a baby in the gang, to loving romantic movies, having college struggles and even being so darn attached to a cousin (except that I don’t confuse every love interest with her). I just wanted to pull him out of the screen and pull him into a hug. He’s broken and he’s grieving, that poor innocent soul. He’s incredibly sweet and pure, and I hope, though I’m not forcing you to, that you’ll give him a chance if ever. He was supposedly going to be my first route, but when that happened, I ditched him and restarted for Zen. I had my eye on Zen the moment I heard about what an incredible otome game it was. Eventually found out that he too, isn’t my type. He is such a big flirt who is tre desperate to get a girlfriend, and in real life I think it would hard for him to be loyal.

    Right now Seven is…Seven is my true love! ❤

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    1. Awww! Now I really wanna do Yoosung’s route, maybe I was too harsh on the poor baby. After I finish the Christmas DLC I shall give him another chance. Hehe I really do love Zen too, but I know what you mean, he kind of seems like a flirt. Seven’s route actually made me cry, I felt so bad for him >_<


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