The Weirdest Anime ‘WikiHow’ Articles I Could Find

WikiHow is pretty much the go to when you need a step by step guide. Its got the pictures, the simple explanations, and a Q&A section. It’s also the perfect place to go when you have some niche questions, like ‘what to do when your best friend is hitting on your boyfriend’, ‘what to do to get your cat to like you’, or the very relatable ‘how to act like Nartuo’. So I had a little midnight trawl through WikiHow and below are the weirdest (and funniest) anime related articles I could find. Enjoy!

How to Act like Naruto

Naruto WikiHow.jpg

You want to be like Naruto? ‘Believe it!’ and you can do it! Follow this wonderful step by step guide to be just like your blonde hair hero.The article goes through imitating Naruto’s personality, behaviour, speech and even style. So get those ninja legs moving and that black eyeliner drawing – you’ll be Hokage one day! Please note that the article does not include how to use ninjutsu or where to find your own 9 tailed fox.


How to Get Anime Eyes

anime eyes WikiHow.jpg

Get those massive anime eyes you’ve always dreamed of! Okay, I’m only half-joking, the article is actually a really good make up resource, especially if you’re into cosplay. There’s lots of tips and tricks on how to use eyeshadow and shimer powder to get your desired look. I was actually pretty impressed. Gotta say though, it reminded  me of a chapter of ‘Franken Fran’ where a this girl wants to get anime eyes cause her boyfriend is a massive Otaku. She ends up getting them and I think her head caves in or something. But, this article definitely won’t lead to head cave ins!


How to be a Yandere

Yandere Anime wikihow.jpg

Playing Yandere Simulator wasn’t enough? Follow this guide on how to be a perfect Yandere and get your man! From choosing your one true love, stalking them and crushing every bitch in your way, this guide has it all! Don’t worry if you’re a little embarrassed, there’s also the ‘How to be Yandere, without being weird‘ guide, get your perfect man without feeling embarrassed of your true self. Yandere isn’t for you? All good, there’s a Tsundere guide as well as a Kuudere guide.  Go out there and get your baes, ladies!


Getting over an anime addiction

Anime addiction.jpg

Is anime taking over your life? Do you start doing random anime gestures or speak Japanese at random times? You may need to have a read of this article. From taking notice of your behaviour to getting support, this is the perfect way to kick anime to the curb (kind of). I guess I found this one quite funny as someone who is quite addicted to anime/manga. I can be up till 2am reading something and then can’t get to sleep. Although it is a pretty good resource on how to cut down on your hobby – money wise. Maybe one day I’ll be able to give up my 2D husbands  ;_;


Let’s Be Kawaii

Kawaii anime wikiHow.jpg

Always wanted to embrace your inner cute? This guide is perfect for it. From getting the attitude to getting the look – you’ll be kawaii in no time. Remember Kawaii isn’t a style, it’s a way of life!

Neko Neko Time!

Neko WikiHow.jpg

Being Kawaii wasn’t enough? You gotta go full cat! Well do I have the article for you. Check out this article on how to look and behaviour just like a cat. From deciding what ‘kind’ of cat you’d like to be to self-improvement (as a cat), it’s the perfect guide to begin your life as a cat.


I hope you guys enjoyed this little compilation. If you have any other random WikiHows you’ve found, please let me know in the comments! All images are from WikiHow, I’ve provided the link to the posts below each topic. 

42 thoughts on “The Weirdest Anime ‘WikiHow’ Articles I Could Find

      1. You’re welcome!
        I stopped like after that chapter, too, wow! You’re a brave one to even consider giving it another shot and I applaud your courage TT___TT


    You can never escape the 2d 😈
    I’m already the best cat that there can be 😼
    This post is great, Bless you for finding this weird shit 😹

    PS, you wrote how to act like nartuo

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    1. LMFAO! That’s not even the weirdest thing that happens in that manga, I’m pretty sure there’s another story where a girl gets turned into some butterfly thing and ends up eating her boyfriend.
      Heck yeah you are 😛
      Aww thanks, and thanks for picking up Nartuo, I double checked the post but one word always gets past me ;_;


      1. Whut
        Eating her boyfriend as a giant butterfly?!
        Sobs, pls no, EW
        no worries darling, I always typo and only notice months later, to my embarrassment, so I always try to tell people they did it because I sure wish someone would tell me when I fuck up words :”’D /pats

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  2. The tips for getting anime eyes are great, never tried it myself but I’ve seen it on others who have done tutorials and it really makes a huge difference. As for the yandere tutorial, I pretty much act like that with someone I want to get to know anyway XD Apart from the creepier, death listy stuff. Honest! Hehe.

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  3. I was thinking of writing something in these lines. I’m glad I didn’t. I think you wrote this entry far better than I can ever imagine.Initially, I was going to lable to as “cringe worthy wikihow’s” then I realized it would have been a little too harsh. (so I backed out from my sake) XD funny finds by the way! 😀 glad to be lurking around your space!


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