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Lost Alice/ Shall We Date? Prologue & First Impressions

‘Lost Alice’ , also called ‘Alice +’ is a new game by NTT Solmare Corp, who are pretty famous in the Otome community for their ‘Shall We Date?’ games.  ‘Lost Alice’ came out only a week or so ago, so not all features and characters have been unlocked yet! But having never played a ‘Shall We Date?’ game before, I was keen to check it out! Join me in Wonderland!

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Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker

Lost Alice Prologue

Lost Alice prologue selection.png
I chose the Hatter!

Just as the name suggests, the story is based off ‘Alice in Wonderland’. You wake up in this incredibly odd room, disorientated and confused. You’re created by a beautiful man with red hair, who begins calling you Alice. He seems happy to see you, and introduces himself as ‘Joker’. It’s very nice to meet him, but you’re confused, who is Alice!? You begin to walk outside and another man hugs you from behind, he too calls you Alice! He introduces himself as the Cheshire Cat, telling you that “Alice, you’re the only one for me”. But again, you deny being Alice! You also give him a good lecture on hugging ladies from behind! The sneaky cat tries to hug you again but you’re pulled away by another handsome devil, the Hatter. Who appears gentlemanly and mature. Soon after you’re given the option to choose between these 3 gorgeous men! There’s also 2 more routes that will be released soon!

Lost Alice Joker Prologue.png
Lost Alice Cat prologue.png
Cheshire Cat
Lost Alice Hatter Prologue.png
The Hatter

First Impressions

I have to say that I’m incredibly impressed by the game so far. The character design, dialogue and music are fantastic for a free game. The prologue was also very interesting and I can’t wait to see where the story will take me. My only issue (having played up to chapter 2 in the Hatter’s route) is collecting ‘gems’ to buy items. The game is divided into premium and normal routes, to choose a route you need to purchase ‘items’ for either a small amount of gems or lots. You can get gems for free through playing other apps or completing surveys, but every time I do a survey I’m 80% done and then they say I’m not eligible! It’s very frustrating. The only other (very small issue) with the game is how many aspects there are to it, there’s gatchas, mini games and dress up – at first I was a little overwhelmed since the Genius Inc. games I usually play are just the story. But I think once I get accustomed to it, I’ll enjoy it more!

30 thoughts on “Lost Alice/ Shall We Date? Prologue & First Impressions

  1. I wanted to play this game so bad, but I am terrible at committing to free mobile otome games! But, I’m glad to see that the game is really good… maybe I’ll give it a play during the break!

    OMG, I have always had a thing for the hatter in just about every Alice in Wonderland adaptation and this one looks dreamy! Are you going to do individual route reviews? ‘Cus I will read every single one lol!! Awesome impressions post!!

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    1. So far it’s pretty good, but it is so hard to keep going with free apps. Especially with having to earn points to get through – drives me nuts! SAMe, he’s such a sweetie, I think pretty much the only one I haven’t liked was Johnny Depp’s one, and that was only because of the weird break dancing thing he did at the end of the film :/ I’m hoping to! Thank you~

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      1. Omg the checkpoints and tickets kill me every single time! I usually wind up dropping them in the end…

        LMAO Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatteras was by far the weirdest… and that break dance scene was creeptastic!

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    2. I just found this now! I wasn’t originally going to play “Lost Alice” because it’s been out for so long, and it didn’t appeal to me when it did first come out, but now I might think I may give it a try!


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