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A Man Like You (Webtoon) – Romance in Dreams

There’s nothing that particularly stands out about Go Siwon. He’s average height, average appearance, average marks – he lives his life in a normal way. Everything changes when in his dreams he is visited by Kang Jihan. Jihan is his complete opposite, handsome, smart and almost perfect. During the day, Jihan is unsociable and ignores Siwon. But, as the nights go by, Siwon pushes Jihan to tell him why they keep meeting like this. He begins exploring the dream world, and stumbles across an ‘incident’ buried deep in his memories. How are these two men’s lives connected?

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At first, I thought this series would be open and shut. There’s some weird dream thing, they start talking in real life, fall in love, end of story. But this webtoon goes on its own unpredictable ride. At the end of each chapter, it’s anyone’s guess how the character’s relationship will change, and end up. The character’s themselves are pretty interesting. There was a real danger of Go Siwon being put in the box of the ‘plain’ average uke, but in recent chapters he’s really developed into a strong character, trying to take charge of his life. On the other hand Kang Jihan, is the typical aloof Seme, but he hides a sensitive and vulnerable side to him. Each interaction between these characters is filled with unknown undertones. The readers are in the shoes of Siwon – we don’t know what happened at the ‘incident’,  or how these two men are connected. We watch hesitantly as Siwon tries to navigate his relationship with Jihan in the dark.

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As someone who reads lots and lots of Boys Love media, I feel I’ve become a little jaded to the love stories. I no longer feel that *doki doki* moment when the characters finally kiss, or confess their love. But it came back in full swing as I read this manga, just a smile or blush from Jihan could set my heart racing. I would clutch my tablet, silently willing Siwon not to screw the moment up. The other part of the webtoon I love, is the art. Each panel is drawn with fantastic detail, heck this artist could make blades of grass look gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what happens next in this heartwarming and heartbreaking love story.

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A Man Like You is written by Waje, it is an ongoing series and is available to read at Lezhim Comics.

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8 thoughts on “A Man Like You (Webtoon) – Romance in Dreams

  1. Oh god, for a second I saw the preview image and thought it was going to be about Killing Stalking and was ready to flee from my life.
    /deep breathes
    I’m glad it ain’t :’D

    DEFINITELY MADE ME CURIOUS AND NEEDY FOR THIS AAAH, thanks for this Happy, I’m going to slurp it in like a good uke does to its seme rod of love 😹😹😹😹😹
    /gets shot for that reference to bad romance writing

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    1. HAHA! Oh gosh I still don’t know what to think about Killing Stalking, it killed my brain.
      I hope you enjoy this series, it’s quite sweet at the moment, but sometimes I just wanna shake Seme-kun and tell him to be nicer. Huhu do it ~


      1. KS is an experience for sure /shudders again
        Aw, seme-kuns can always be nicer, some are really nice and sweet tho!
        I haven’t yet, but I will 🔥🔥🔥👌

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