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Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC – Review & Endings

Just before Christmas, Cheritz released a DLC, for 100 hour glasses. The DLC takes places over 2 days, Christmas Eve and Christmas. The RFA are trying to organise a Christmas Charity event, I say RFA, but it’s mainly Jaehee and Yoosung. Luciel, Jumin and Zen are off working on their own issues. You’re on a route by halfway through the first day. There are 5 happy endings, 2 bad endings and 1 secret ending. You can check out my post on the main game over here.

Overall I did enjoy this DLC, it was really exciting to play during Christmas. I never really liked Christmas, and ‘chatting’ to these characters, and ‘celebrating’ Christmas with someone special made it kind of special. One great aspect about the game was that it’s pretty easy to ensure you get on someone’s route and get a happy ending. I also really liked that we got two pictures. However, I do feel that Cheritz was really lazy when creating this DLC. Translations were often odd or just not done, and the art was…pretty bad. They’ve definitely changed artists- the whole style is completely different. While I had a bunch of hour glasses saved up, for new players the 100 hour glass payment might be a bit much. You can read a really fantastic break down of all the issues of the DLC on Hijacked Cat’s blog.

Mystic Messenger Christmas Jaehee image issue.jpg
Jaehee Christmas DLC image vs. main game – look at those bug eyes!
Mysitc Messenger Christmas DLC Luciel image poor.jpg
Luciel Christmas DLC vs. main story – profile is really bad and not much detail in image

I really hope Cheritz continues with these seasonal DLCs, I’d love to see a Valentine’s Day one or a Halloween one (PLEASE DO A HALLOWEEN ONE WITH JUMIN AS A SEXY VAMPIRE). I just hope in future more care is taken with the DLC to maintain the quality that Chertiz is known for.

The endings below are in the order that I played them – spoilers below.

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Zen’s Christmas Route

Zen Christmas DLC Mystic Messenger.jpg

In Zen’s route, he’s feeling really lonely and upset as he has to work non-stop during Christmas. The play directors want to have a special performance, so all actors are being pushed to the brink. To make matters worse, on Christmas Eve, they switch everyone’s roles! At the RFA Christmas party, Zen appears on his motorcycle and whisks you away to a  special place. There he whispers sweet nothings to you and the two of you share a kiss.

Like last time, I really loved Zen’s route. He was just so horny  romantic, I could also relate to how he was jealous of all the couples around >_<! Also, I love how his flower picture has 2 bouquets, step up your game Jumin Han!

Jumin’s Christmas Route

Jumin Han Christmas DLC Mystic Messenger.jpg

During Jumin’s route he is struggling with his relationship with V. He feels like he no longer knows his childhood friend, especially after V asks him to do something illegal.  Jumin, arrives at the RFA party and lines up , and invites you on stage. He makes a $200,000 donation – in your name! Everyone is in shock, and Jumin takes the opportunity to whisk you away. It begins to snow, and he confides in you about his relationship with V. He decides to put importance in the present – to value both you and the RFA. The story ends with him giving you a warm hug.

Luciel’s/ 707’s Christmas Route

Luciel 707 Christmas DLC Mystic Messenger.jpg

In Lovely Luciel’s route, he tells MC that Christmas is a difficult time for him. He would rather stay home, and not celebrate, and feels uncomfortable going out. On Christmas, he phones MC and invites her out. Instead of going to the event you decide to go with 707. You go to his car, and he blindfolds you, and drives you to a secret location. He asks you to tell him that his brother is happy and safe this Christmas, and you do. Once the blindfold comes off, the two of you have a perfect view of the Christmas fireworks. The two of you share an embrace.

Yoosung’s Christmas Route


Yoosung is helping Jaehee to organising RFA (under CPA’s name) donation event. He’s quite upset that they can’t use RFA’s name, however you encourage him. The fact that he is carrying on Rika’s work should continue to inspire him. When you arrive at the fundraiser, he’s so excited to see you, but incredibly upset that V didn’t make it. After the event, Yoosung and you head off. He talks to you about Rika, and he resolves to continue to help other people, as well as become a man that will make you happy. As you talk, it begins to snow, and he embraces you. He promises to confess to you, once he becomes someone that you will be proud of. In the chat messenger, Yoosung makes a compromise with V, and promises to put more faith in him.

I didn’t mind Yoosung’s route, I never finished his main route in the game, so it was nice to learn more about him here. I did have some issues on the Visual Novel, it froze for about two days, but eventually fixed itself up.

Jaehee’s Christmas Route

Jaehee Christmas DLC Mystic messenger.jpg

In Jaehee’s route, you support her as she goes through the stress of organising the RFA (under CPA’s name) donation party. At the end, you arrive at the party, and she’s incredibly happy to see you. Unfortunately, there isn’t much time to chat, as you have to help out. Jaehee has to go back to the office to finish off some documents before the New Year. Jumin, asks Driver Kim to drive you to the offices to see Jaehee. When you arrive she is deep asleep, you make her some hot chocolate and give her a kiss.

With Jaehee’s route I was really REALLY happy they made MC and Jaehee’s relationship more romantic. However, compared to other routes, I felt there wasn’t much happening here. It was almost just a rehashing of her main route.

Secret Route – Unknown

Unknown Christmas DLC.jpg

Unknown’s route is achieved by 1. being on another character’s route and 2. participating in – the midnight chat, Yoosung & CR chat and All because of (name) chat.  After each of the 3 chats Unknown will message you, first message you have to agree to see him, second message you send him the event address and the final message you tell him that he promised to meet you.

In his route you are at the RFA event and everyone (except Luciel) has made an effort to appear. Jumin came right at the end, Zen skipped rehearsal and V is there, even Luciel has added his own touch with fireworks! At the end of the event Jumin organises for Driver Kim to take you back, once you arrive at your apartment Unknown captures you. He tells you how much he hates Santa and how he’ll create a perfect Christmas with you. In the group chat the other RFA members have realised you have gone missing and are freaking out. Unknown messages them saying that you are having a dream Christmas with him and he’ll never let you go…

All the Flower Pics

I put all the flower pics together into one, thought you guys might enjoy it ^^

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Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC flowers.jpg

10 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC – Review & Endings

  1. The art change better not be permanent, I want a valentine’s DLC that looks pretty t.t

    Zen was so horny, I got shook asf. I liked his main story route, but this was definitely where I really liked and enjoyed him.

    /triggered by Yoosung’s cg’s having crab/yaoi hands
    /sobs pitifully
    Ngl, Jaehee and Yoosung are my faves and I loved their routes. I was screaming when WE COULD ACTUALLY CONFESS AND kiss JAEHEE, I WAS LIKE OOMMMG, AT LONG LAST MY THIRST CAN BE QUENCHED

    WITH A CG????
    /runs to it rn

    Thanks for the shoutout to my post, Happy <33 😘😘😘😘

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    1. Same!! We’ll find out in 9 days, fingers crossed, I want pretty Zen pics.
      OH MY GOSH YES. I was so excited with Jaehee, like KISS HER MC KISS MC.

      Ooh yes Unknown’s route is ….interesting lmao.


      1. /crosses fingers and toes and every body part PLS I NEED JAEHEE GAYNESS IN MY LIFE FOR VALENTINE’S
        Oh yes, the kiss GOT ME SHOOK like at long dang last 😭👏👏👏👏😭
        Still haven’t done his route, I blame all the new mobile games 😭

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  2. Omg this was so cute! I never got to play it but I have it! I couldn’t deal with the real time chats!! But now I really want to play!! Esp for zen jumin and 707s routes!! 😀 great post.

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    1. Thank you! It’s a bit hard with the real time chats, when I was obsessed I would set my alarm for 5am to make sure I got them. But I think generally you only need to participate in 60% of chats to get a good ending. Ahh Zen route is my favourite, he’s just such a babe~

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    1. The only one i know is the bad chat end. You just don’t attend any chats at all, on the second day there will be a chat where the RFA members talk about you (this is the bad end). Hope this helps 🙂


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