A Few Of My Favourite Things

Last week I posted about the ‘One Piece Body Calendar 2017’ that I received. It was actually kind of fun writing (a bit) about it. So I figured I might share some more of the random Otaku/Geeky things I have.  I hope you guys enjoy looking at the pictures, I’ve added a description to each of them. A lot of them are from my trip to Hong Kong 7 years ago, I guess it’s because in Australia there aren’t many Anime paraphernalia, and the ones that are around are insanely expensive.

I got this Mr Bon Clay One Piece figurine when I was in Hong Kong (about 7 years ago). I bought it for $10 AU, I thought it was so cheap because no one liked Mr Bon Clay, but it turns out that it’s a fake 😥 I hope to go to Japan one day and buy a proper Mr Bon Clay statue – but in the mean time, I still love this one! 
Another figurine I got in Hong Kong 7 years ago, I’m 100% sure this one is legit. It’s from DMC (Detroit Metal City). The parts are a little bit finicky, but I really love the series and was so excited to find a figurine of it! 
This is the ‘The Art of Fire Emblem’ book, my parents bought it for me for my birthday last year. I absolutely adore this book! There’s so much info on how they created the games, especially character design. 
One Piece Body Calendar front standing.JPG
This is the calendar I mentioned before, I love this calendar, so much eye candy 265 days a year! 
The Black Rock Shooter Vocaloid Nendoroid I received from my Aunty (as I was leaving Hong Kong 7 years ago) 
I received the two Tokyo Ghoul statues from The Little Anime Blog‘s Giveaway – thank you again! I absolutely adore them, and keep them on my desk. I got the Sadaharu piggy bank when I was in Hong Kong…yep you guessed it, 7 years ago. 


















23 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favourite Things

  1. Yay, anime goods are so fun! The Black Rock Shooter trading figure is adorable. And aaah, I love those Tokyo Ghoul clear keychains. That’s cool how you turned them into standing figures. 😀 I have a rubber strap version of that Kaneki design, and I love him. ^_^ Looking forward to more of these!

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      1. He’s currently stored away, by I hang my rubber straps up on the walls. ^_^ If I hung any on my phone or backpack, they’d probably get lost or ruined. TwT </3

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  2. I really like what you have 🙂 It’s cute. I didn’t even know there are calendars like that, that’s such a great thing to have! Where did you get it? Are there calendars of that kind but from other manga/anime?

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  3. Haha making my rounds visiting some blogger friends backlog when I can starting with you my dear XD Awwww those one piece figures are cute you got a bargain there 😀 You have good taste 🙂


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