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Ghost (Office Love) Review & Endings

‘Ghost (Office Love)’ also called just ‘Ghost Love’ is a new otome game by Hanabi Media. The motto of the game is ‘a life for a life, love never dies’ – cryptic, I know! It’s the five year anniversary of your best friend (and crush)’s death, but unfortunately you have to go to the first day of your dream job at a publishing house. You’re boss (Vincent) is a mature but harsh guy, and you worry about keeping up with him. After work you go to your friend’s (Kyle’s) grave. You meet a cat there and save it from a car accident, as a reward, the cat uses one of its 9 lives, to bring Kyle back to you in ghost form. So who will you choose – your old flame, or your new one?

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Overall I did find the game quite enjoyable, it’s a short game, and probably would take about 20-30 minutes to complete it. The designs of the two guys are pretty nice, but what I liked most was the background images – they were like a watercolour painting. They also had these comic action sequences which I found very interesting. I also appreciated that the game tried to be more dynamic for example seeing text message screens and inputing words into a letter – but there needed to be more of this.


My main complaint about the game is that it is really geared towards choosing Kyle. Regardless of how nice Vincent is, I felt so bad every time I was with him, because Kyle was so lonely. I also found the actual ending to be pretty frustrating, throughout the game I really liked MC, but at the end it was like all the character building had been thrown out the window.   With the choice selection, what you choose never really affected how each guy would love you. Rather it is up to your choice at the end to choose which guy you want to end up with. While I enjoyed that the pressure was off in choosing the ‘correct’ choice, it was a bit frustrating playing through a second time, and knowing nothing you did would change the story.


Since the game is free, I recommend checking it out if you have some spare time. I played the game while I was on the plane to Melbourne, and it was a good time waster. I have yet to check out other Hanabi media otome games, but I’ll definitely give their games another go.


After the car accident involving Vincent, Kyle realises that you can give up the last 5 years of your life to turn back time. If you choose to go back, you can live Kyle’s life, and change Vincent’s future. However you will loose all your memories. Vincent is in love with you, and wants you to stay with him.

Kyle’s Ending

Kyle Ghost Love ending.jpg

You return back to that fateful day 5 years ago, but your memories are quickly fading. You see Kyle about the cross the road, and manage to save him before your memories are gone. You confess to him and the two of you begin dating. 5 years later, your about to start your new job at a publishing house. You’re a bit annoyed since it’s your 5 year anniversary with Kyle, as you enter you see Vincent and get a sense of deja vu. You ignore it, and Kyle promises to spoil you that night.

Vincent’s Ending


Instead of taking Kyle and Ophelia’s offer you decide to stay with Vincent. You and Vincent share a kiss as Kyle looks on. Kyle decides to help you one last time, and he uses his energy to heal Vincent’s spine, and slowly disappears. 3 years later you and Vincent are happily married and you’ve just published a book on your experience with Kyle. You’re at a meet and greet, and you think you see Kyle in the crowd. However he disappears, and you promise to never forget him .

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