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Mystic Messenger Valentine’s After Endings Review

General Thoughts

After the pretty successful Christmas special event, Chertiz has come back with a
unnamedValentine’s After Ending event. I say event, but the stories are permanent, and you can access them at any time. While in the Christmas Special you had to pay 100 hour glasses for everything, in Valentine’s you can choose whose after ending special you want to read, and pay 20 hour glasses. The special is quite short, you can play through it within 10 minutes, and comes with 2 new cgs. Each character has one happy ending, except 707 who has two. There are no bad endings, so you can choose any selection you want, without worrying.

I gotta say I was not too impressed by the special. The artwork was the same person who did those horrible Christmas CGs, and they’re even worse here. To be honest, if Cheritz continues to use this artist, I don’t think I’ll continue to play Mystic Messenger. The stories themselves were short and sweet, and I really liked being able to choose whose route I could do, rather than paying for everyone’s. In the end I only did Zen’s, Jumin’s and 707’s.

Zen Valentine’s After EndingZenMysticValentines.png

In Zen’s route the two of you are relaxing at home when his commercial comes on. You gush over it a tad, and Zen changes the channel, he’s a little embarrassed. You see a talk show that is discussing the two of you – whether you are still even together and that Zen may be having an affair. Zen gets incredibly upset, the two of you rarely go out together, as Zen has a clause in his contract, and you’re not keen on the attention. The two of you decide to head out, and he takes you to your old apartment. He’s decorated the entire place, and tells you that it’s a place he wants to create positive memories. He finally gives you chocolates, but its melted, he leans in and licks the melted chocolate off your finger.

This. Freaking. CG. Is. So. Damn. Ugly. Like, is this even Zen? The story itself was sweet but honestly I can’t get over how ugly this image is.

Jumin Valentine’s After Ending

JuminValentins.pngIn Jumin’s V after ending, the two of you are married. You spend most of the event looking around your apartment, reflecting on how much Jumin loves you, and how luxurious your lifestyle is. He phones you, like he does each day, and you can tell he’s incredibly busy, he’s on a business trip and may not even make it home. Zen calls you shortly after, and you tell him about it, and he gets upset and begins to phone Jumin to tell him off. As you begin thinking of how to spend the evening you hear the door open. You rush over and there is Jumin with a bunch of gifts. He  tells you that he worked so hard so that he could come back to you. He shows you all the gifts he got for you and then asks you to lay down next to him as he sleeps.

Jumin wearing a grandpa sweater

I love Jumin but I really did not like this story. You’re pretty much a kept woman here, just waiting around for him to come back. He tells you that you shouldn’t go out without a driver to accompany you because “it’s dangerous” and if you get bored, go to the gym but don’t overexert yourself. To be honest, it was like he was treating MC like she was Elizabeth 3rd, and just showering her with ridiculous gifts. MC didn’t even buy him a Valentine’s gift which made me feel awful, and just said somethign stupid like “I have a gift for you, my passionate love!”

707 Valentine’s After Ending

In 707’s Valentine’s After End, he creates a little game for you. He gives you hints to visit the different RFA members and when you guess correctly you get a gift. Some of the gifts include a cat clock, a taser and even a 707 doll! 707’s special has 2 endings, sweet and bitter. In the sweet ending, 707 takes you to a secluded area and the two of you dance under the stars. The bitter end is prompted by you selecting the wrong answers to the questions and complaining a bit about 707 not being aggressive. In this ending he says he learnt a lot about how you viewed him, and he will be more aggressive in future. He begins to unzip your dress and sexy time ensues~


I really enjoyed this route, I found it ridiculously sweet and the CGs weren’t that bad. It was also nice to see MC and 707 be together without being stressed about everything else happening around them. It was also great to have the two endings, I wished the other ones also had a separate ending.

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10 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger Valentine’s After Endings Review

  1. OMG. I TOTALLY agree with the awful CGs. The one of Jumin and MC cuddling in bed looks ridiculous. Her head looks SO weird and Jumin doesn’t even look like Jumin! His face looks young, but his hands look old. What the heck?! I liked the Christmas CGs better than the Valentine’s Day CGs to be honest. I don’t mind Jumin sitting there with the gift in his hand, but I felt awful when MC said she didn’t get him anything.

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    1. OHMYGOSH I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE THAT ABOUT HIS HANDS. LMFAO. I can’t unsee it now, Jumin’s old man hands. The CGs are really going downhill, I really really hope Cheritz finds another artist, because, to be honest, I can’t imagine paying someone for that kind of quality of art :/

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  2. Same, I wasn’t too impressed with the art or with a lot of the stories.
    also, how DARE YOU escape the help that is Yoosung’s new sprite???? 😭😭😭😭
    Seven’s bitter was a blessing tho, that CG /fans self
    I find that Zen CG is better than the other one of the start of his route where he has a sledgehammer jaw.
    Just to remind that there’s two artists working on these side contents, the one with the warm art from Zen licking , Jumin laying in bed, Seven undressing MC, and the other one haha

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      1. Yes it does, what a blessing that they’ve progressed 🙏
        By next dlc, if they aren’t lovey dovey I will be so sad ORZ
        True, but at least in Christmas we saw that MC liked her and that she liked MC, cause she thought she dreamt the kiss and liked it ohohoho


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