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Omnibus Princess Walkthrough – Asterious


Omnibus Princess is an otome game by ‘Genius Inc’ for mobile. The game opens with you trapped in a tower, desperately searching for a ‘book’ that will be your story. A young man (Ornit) appears, and shows you 3 possible stories he will let you join, or you can join him on his journey. For my first play through I chose the story of ‘Asterious’, who is the ‘minotaur’. Just like all Genius Inc games, there is only one CG, which is achieved by selecting the answers for a ‘Good Ending’. Unlike my other posts, I’ll be trying to keep the ‘story’ part short, I hope you guys like this new format. The story has 12 chapters and uses about 35-40 story tickets and one ending ticket.

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  • He can be trusted
  • Turn off the light
  • Call out to the shadowy figure
  • Touch his animal ears
  • Recall the child-sized coffin
  • Get worried and go to Asterious’ room
  • Ask him worriedly
  • Don’t think he would hurt me
  • Quietly whisper
  • Hates Asterious
  • Call Asterious by his name
  • Thought that Asterious is beautiful
  • Feel jealous of the white beast
  • Because I like him
  • Tackle him
  • Thought of the dream
  • Don’t move
  • Knew this isn’t his intention
  • Prepare myself and close my eyes
  • Stroke Asterious’ hair
  • Have Asterious carry me


Asterious 1.jpg

After arriving in Asterious’ world you are taken, along with some other women to the castle. There some of the Royal ministers choose you as the bride for the ‘monster’. Theseus, the prince, takes you to the monster’s lair, but along the way he takes a liking to you, and wants you to marry him if you come back alive. He asks you to spy on the monster so he can go in and kill it. Once you actually arrive you realise that the ‘monster’ is only a man with some animal like features. Over the course of the story you try to learn more about it, while balancing the pressure form Theseus to kill him. You learn about his past, being the Prince of the country and that Theseus is actually his brother. Asterious is unable to control his strength and when he was a child accidentally hurt his mother and killed his dog, his father placed him in the cave as a way to kill him but he survived. You begin to try to teach him to control his strength.

Asterious 2.jpg


As the end Theseus storms the cave with his troops. Asterious pretends that he is still a monster, he and Theseus face off. An issue with the dam, causes the entire cave to begin flooding. You convince Asterious to lead everyone to safety. Outside he and Theseus come to an understanding, Theseus will say he is dead, if Asterious removes his horns and promises never to harm another person. He agrees, and cuts his own horns off, he spends 3 days in bed from the agony. Theseus ends up taking the throne and ruling the country, while the  two of you end up joining a circus as Asterious lives as a ‘strong man’. You live happily ever after.

Asterious Omnibus Princess CG.jpg

My Thoughts

I’ll start with the pros. Firstly, I really liked how this story truly branched off from the prologue, and didn’t intersect with the other tales. It was nice to have a standalone romance, without feeling bad seeing the other guys hanging around. As is always the case with Genius Inc. games, the ending CG is really nice.


But there were quite a few cons with this game. First of all there were several times where the player’s name just did not show you, and instead showed [print data =$g.player_name], which really ruined the experience. In terms of story, I felt it was very rushed and jumpy,  a few scenes could have been cut out to make the MC and Asterious’ relationship more believable. The game also described Asterious’ hair as ‘grey’ and referred to his animal ears, horns and tail, but that was nowhere to be found in his avatar! I also hated the design of that cave, your room in the cave is meant to have a beautiful mural, but it was nowhere to be seen! Furthermore as I had exhausted the methods to get free tickets, I ended up having to watch 200 hundred ads to save up 200 hundred points to get the ending ticket – it was not fun. 

Overall the game was okay, I would not recommend paying for it, unlike game such as ‘Lost Alice‘, I don’t believe it has the quality that warrants spending money it.