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Omnibus Princess Walkthrough – Alain/Arain/Arein


Note: his name is spelt three different ways in the game- Alain, Arein and Arain. For the purpose of this review, I’ll be going with ‘Alain’.

Omnibus Princess is an otome game by ‘Genius Inc’ for mobile. The game opens with you trapped in a tower, desperately searching for a ‘book’ that will be your story. A young man (Ornit) appears, and shows you 3 possible stories he will let you join, or you can join him on his journey. For my second play through I chose the story of ‘Alain’, which is the story of the ‘Little Mermaid’.. Just like all Genius Inc games, there is only one CG, which is achieved by selecting the answers for a ‘Good Ending’. Unlike my other posts, I’ll be trying to keep the ‘story’ part short, I hope you guys like this new format. The story has 12 chapters and uses about 40 story tickets and one ending ticket. For the ending ticket you need 200 points (which I got by watching 200 ads +_+).


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Other Routes:  Asterious


  • It’s not your fault, Ornit
  • Tell him I don’t know
  • Thank you!!
  • Tell him it looks delicious
  • Find him and give it to him
  • Apologies for surprising him
  • Tell him it is enough just letting me stay here
  • I want to do something helpful for Prince Alain
  • Tell him he is king to me
  • Say nothing
  • …You’re mean…
  • It’s hard
  • Me!?
  • Smile gently
  • Do you think he likes her?
  • Apologised gently
  • Look away, embarrassed
  • No…
  • Smile to his look of joy
  • But you’re hurt…!
  • No!
  • But as long as you remember…



You are found on the beach by Prince Alain, who takes you back to the castle to rest. Initially you aren’t allowed to leave your room, and develop an interest in the strange and aloof prince. The prince’s old brother, helps you out to slowly become closer to Prince Alain. As you get to know Prince Alain more, your fairy tale is slowly becoming cemented, and you realise you have met him before. You are a mermaid who saved the young Prince Alain from drowning. You also realise that while the Prince is a kind person, his personality has become cold from taking on his brother’s responsibilities of ruling the kingdom. Alain wants to help his ill brother, and create the best kingdom, even if that means stepping on a few toes.



Unfortunately for Alain, he’s stepped on too many. Ornit tells you that you have until the next full moon otherwise, just like the Little Mermaid, you will disappear into foam. On the night of the full moon, there’s a large party onboard a ship, which Alain invites you to. The two of you end up on deck, and Alain is attacked by his Uncle and his loyalists. As you try to protect Alain you are thrown off deck, and Alain ,with a mortal wound, jumps after him. The two of you make it to shore, and you beg Ornit to help Alain live. He heals Alain but you fade into sea foam. Ornit encourages Alain to try to remember you, and throughout the next years that’s what he does – he searches for traces of you. One day he is by the sea and he sees your figure, he runs towards you and embraces you, all the memories come flooding back and you live happily ever after.


My Thoughts

Compared to the issues in the previous walkthrough, this route was quite good. The scenes were always changing , we had a design for the maid (but not the other prince for some reason), and there weren’t too many encoding errors. There were, however, a bunch of spelling and grammar mistakes. But overall it wasn’t too bad. I really loved the end part of this route, when I first started playing it, I wasn’t sold on Alain, I thought he was a bit of a twat. But that end part when you’re both trying to save one another, really struck me. I definitely enjoyed this route more than the previous one, as I could see the development of your relationship with Alain. It was also really interesting being able to select different dialogue options from the POV of different characters. However I didn’t really like the CG, would have been nice to see one in the water or you as a mermaid!

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