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Since I’ve started out with some affiliate programs, I figured each week I would try and find the best sales on Play-Asia and Amazon for you guys. So if there’s a game or dvd you’ve been eyeing, lemme know, and I’ll keep a look out for when it’s cheap. This way you can get updates when things are on sale, and if you buy it through my links, I can get a little bit of cash. Any money I make through Affiliate sales is used to help keep my blog running by purchasing otome games and supporting the anime industry through a Crunchyroll subscription.



Code:Realize – Guardian of Rebirth

Code: Realize is a really incredible Otome game, I just recently started playing through it and have loved every second of it. You play as a young girl who has been hidden away from society as you can melt flesh. You try to find out the secret behind your condition, and your father, while romancing some gorgeous guys. The game is $22 USD / $29.22 AUS. Click on the link above to check it out!

DEADPOOL (PS4) – 56% Off!


Unfortunately I don’t have a PS4 so I haven’t had a chance to check this game out. But hey, it’s a Deadpool game, it has gotta be amazing!


Unfortunately I couldn’t find any sales for Amazon, however below are some really great Amazon Prime Deals 🙂


For only $22 this is an incredible steal! The series follows a young boy called Ganta, whose entire class is massacred and the blame is placed on him. He’s taken to ‘Deadman Wonderland’ a prison where prisoners use their blood abilities to fight for their life. He’ll have to work out how to use his ability as well as work out the mystery behind the strange Theme park prison.


Check out one of Miyazaki’s most iconic films – ‘My Neighbour Totoro’. The film is set in 1958, where a family with two young girls move to the countryside. The girls’ mother is incredibly sick and stays in hospital. The film shows their interaction with a friendly forrest spirit, Totoro. It’s a must see for any Anime fan!


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