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Omnibus Princess Walkthrough – Renard

Omnibus Princess is an otome game by ‘Genius Inc’ for mobile. The game opens with you trapped in a tower, desperately searching for a ‘book’ that will be your story. A young man (Ornit) appears, and shows you 3 possible stories he will let you join, or you can join him on his journey. For my third play through I chose the story of ‘Renard’, which is a combination of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and ‘The Nutcracker’. Just like all Genius Inc games, there is only one CG, which is achieved by selecting the answers for a ‘Good Ending’. The story has 12 chapters and uses about 40 story tickets and one ending ticket. For the ending ticket you need 200 points (which I got by watching 200 ads +_+).

Asterious    |     Alain

Note: his name is spelt three different ways in the game- Alain, Arein and Arain. For the purpose of this review, I’ll be going with ‘Alain’.


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You can check out my podcast on this route over here.  I talk a bit more about the issues in the route and Genius Inc. games in general. I hope you guys enjoy it 🙂


  • I just couldn’t leave you
  • I want to release him from this curse
  • Cheer him up and offer help
  • I’ll help him
  • Ask him the reason
  • Agree readily
  • Encourage him casually
  • Don’t worry I’ll see it soon
  • Draw his feelings for his father out
  • Ask Renard about the walnut
  • I can’t leave you
  • He wouldn’t do it without a reason
  • To help Renard
  • I wanted to help you
  • I’m so glad you are safe
  • Hug him without a word
  • Me too
  • Why are you doing this?
  • I want you guys back to how you used to be
  • It’s like my fate
  • Convince him that he deserves it
  • I want Renard to be happy



You arrive at this strange town where everyone is asleep. As you wander around you pick up a Nutcracker with a giant slash across it. As you admire it, a giant mouse warrior appears, Ornit tells you to kiss the Nutcracker. When you do, it turns into a beautiful prince who protects you. Renard, the prince, explains the country, and himself have been put under a curse by the mouse king. You journey with him to defeat the king and help restore him to his true form.


After defeating the king, there’s still the problem of the country’s curse. Renard’s comrades turn against him. You’re kidnapped by his childhood friend and he rushes to save you. Ultimately it is you that bring peace to the land, by purifying this ‘walnut’, and awakening the country. You disappear back into your own world, but Renard manages to find you and you live happily ever after.

Renard Princess Omnibus.jpg



To keep this short, it’s pretty much the same issues in the previous games. The only further annoyance in this game is that the dialogue is very repetitive and Renard is described as having blonde hair (!?). One other thing that really bothered me (which I go into more detail in my podcast) is that the story just does not make any sense.



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