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My Ninja Romance (Otome) – Ippei Walkthrough & Impressions

Genius Inc. is back at it again with another Otome game! This time the theme is Ninja love stories. You’ve lived in the Koga village with your guardian Jin, since your parents died. One day Ninjas from the Iga village attack, one of them is Ippei, who vows to make you his bride. The prologue ends there, and you can choose one of four gorgeous men. For my first play through I went with Ippei since he seemed to be the ‘canon’ romance. If this route helped you please consider donating through Patreon or using my affiliate links. I actually paid to get all the routes for this game, and would really appreciate any support. 

Kiyomaru      |       Ippei      |     Kagetora    |    Hideyasu

My Ninja Romance Ippei info.png

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I know these options seem super awful, but it’s the only way to get the CG. Apparently Ippei likes Tsundere people~

  • Ippei-san
  • Are you going to hurt the child if I don’t?
  • …Hmmm
  • You were really serious
  • I was fine
  • Your feelings might change later
  • I’d rather go to the castle
  • …Perhaps
  • Don’t do it!
  • Really…?
  • It’s all over now though
  • It’s not fine!
  • How can you ask me that?
  • You must come back!
  • …True, you are.
  • I guess he’s talking in his sleep
  • What are you saying?
  • I don’t know


Ippei y Ninja Romance Lovers.png

Ippei visits you once again, and takes you to the Iga village. Initially you have to stay hidden, until Ippei says you can start walking around. Once you visit him when he trains, you find out he actually has a fiancé! She’s wary of you, but Ippei says he genuinely loves you. He heads off for three days to complete a village initiation ceremony, shortly after he come back, you are taken to the ruling Shogun’s castle. There it is revealed that you’re the princess’ twin sister! When you two were born having twins was considered bad luck, so your father wanted you killed, but you were saved by a soldier. You spend your time at the castle however since Ippei is now in a lower social class than you, spending time together proves difficult.

Ippei My ninja romance social.png

Ippei my ninja romance jin.png

News comes that the Koga village is beginning to attack the Iga village. Ippei rushes out and tells you that Jin, the man you raised you, killed his grandfather. He wants to kill Jin. You beg him not to go but he does, you run to your village and see him and Jin in a stand off. It is revealed that 11 years ago Ippei’s grandfather wished to kill you, and Ippei jumped in front of you to protect you. Jin killed the grandfather before his blade could strike. Ippei initially feels hollow knowing his quest was based on  a false memory. You cheer him up, and eventually decide to go to the castle to ask the Shogun if you can stay together. The Shogun agrees, and Ippei promises to protect you for the rest of his life.

Ippei my ninja romance genius CG.png


To be honest, I was really disappointed with this, especially as I paid for it. It wasn’t that it was bad, it was just the same as all other Genius Inc games. It has pretty much all the same issues. For example I tried to purchase the routes on my iPad, but the game’s payment system isn’t working on any apple products! I ended up having to use my Android phone to play it. I feel a lot of the issues with Genius could be avoided if they hired someone just to do a final play through, before they release the game to the public (*cough* *cough* please hire me). My other MAJOR issue is that the backgrounds they used in this game were pretty much copied from Omnibus Princess and Reverse Genji Romance. They didn’t even make an effort to change it!

Another small issue was that in this game the MC is clearly stated as being 16 years old, which made me feel a little odd… She’s 16 and Ippei who is 25 wants to marry her. Some of the other guy are even older, the medical merchant, Kagetora is 30!

If I didn’t buy this game to review + write up a walkthrough for you, my lovely readers, I would regret it. Genius Inc. really needs to realise that if they want player’s to spend money on their games, they need to ensure their games are actually up to player standards. The designs and music are great, but the issues I mentioned above, show a lack of concern and just plain laziness of the developer’s part.