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My Ninja Romance (Otome) – Kiyomaru Walkthrough & Impressions

Welcome to Genius Inc.’s latest Otome instalment, this time we’re having a romance with ninjas!  You’ve lived in the Koga village with your guardian Jin, since your parents died. One day Ninjas from the Iga village attack, one of them is Ippei, who vows to make you his bride. The prologue ends there, and you can choose one of four gorgeous men. For my second play through, I decided to go with Kiyomaru, the cool, sexy ninja  If this route helped you please consider donating through Patreon or using my affiliate links. I actually paid to get all the routes for this game, and would really appreciate any support. 

Kiyomaru      |       Ippei      |     Kagetora    |    Hideyasu

Kiyomaru My Ninja Romance info.png

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Okay legit, I have no idea, but in this game all the guys like you to be super Tsundere 😦

  • Ippei’s horse
  • I can handle it by myself
  • I cannot do that in enemy territory
  • I’ll go alone
  • …you’re right I did try to seduce you
  • An older brother
  • Liar!
  • A princess
  • Goodbye
  • You need to runaway
  • You can’t come anymore
  • Actually, I can’t…
  • Hairdresser
  • Let’s go to Iga quickly!
  • Are you okay?
  • I’ll go back to Koga
  • Watch how things will go
  • An enemy


Kiyomaru My Ninja Romance kind.png

Shortly after Iga’s botched invasion of your village, Ippei and Kiyomaru come back to kidnap you. They take you to the Iga village, and Kiyomaru begins to care for you, he’s initially very suspicious of you, but slowly begins to warm up to you. Soon after you are taken to the Shogun’s castle, where it is revealed you are the princess’ younger twin sister. Kiyomaru is assigned as your bodyguard, but due to your social standing, the two of you have to be careful when interacting with one another.  While you are adjusting to castle life, Jin and other Koga ninjas come to kidnap you.

Kiyomaru My Ninja romance protext.png

My Ninja Romance Kiyomaru Jin.png

You miss Kiyomaru, and he eventually comes to take you back to Iga village. This ends up sparking a war between the two ninja villages. Tensions are high particularly between Kiyomaru and Jin, who have history together. You manage to stop the two of them fighting, by threatening to kill yourself. Jin agrees to back down and disappear, you and Kiyomaru are safe at last. Returning to the castle, the Shogun agrees to give Kiyomaru anything he desires as a reward for saving you. What Kiyomaru desires is you, and you agree, the Shogun gives you his blessing for you to live with Kiyomaru in Iga village. The two of you live happily ever after.

My Ninja Romance Kiyomaru CG.png


My opinions from Ippei’s route still stands. A lot of the backgrounds are copied from previous games like Reverse Genji Romance and Omnibus Princess. I’m also still a little irked by the fact that MC is 16, kinda ruins the romance with 25 year old Kiyomaru. One other small issues I want to add is that I’m a little disappointed with the CGs this time around. They seem  a little grainy and basic. One of the biggest selling points of Genius Inc games is their detailed CGs, so this definitely does not live up to the standard.