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My Ninja Romance (Otome) – Hideyasu Walkthrough & Impressions

Time for the third walkthrough for ‘Ninja Romance’!   You’ve lived in the Koga village with your guardian Jin, since your parents died. One day Ninjas from the Iga village attack, one of them is Ippei, who vows to make you his bride. The prologue ends there, and you can choose one of four gorgeous men. For my third play through, I decided to go with Hideyasu, the ruling Shogun.  If this route helped you please consider donating through Patreon or using my affiliate links. I actually paid to get all the routes for this game, and would really appreciate any support. 

Kiyomaru      |       Ippei      |     Kagetora    |    Hideyasu

Hideyasu My Ninja Romance.jpg

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  • I live close by
  • I learned it by watching someone doing it
  • I’m so surprised!
  • I cannot decide yet
  • I have forgotten already
  • There are also similarities
  • (What should I do?)
  • Let’s take the black one
  • (Should I say it’s really bad.)
  • I’ll come with you
  • You got me right
  • I’m planning to study about the castle
  • I-I can do it myself!
  • Peace?
  • Forget about me!
  • Now is not the right time for talking about it
  • Please act more carefully
  • It’s a secret



You meet Hideyasu while you are out gathering herbs, shortly after the Iga village’s attack. You believe him to be another villagers. Soon after, Ippei and Kiyomaru come to kidnap you, and take you to the castle. Imagine your surprise when you find out Hideyasu is actually the ruling Shogun! He also introduces you to your twin sister, explaining you are actually a princess. You live your life calmly in the castle, but realise you are slowly growing more attracted to Hideyasu. However your sister is his fiancé, so you try to keep your distance. You eventually find out that your sister isn’t in love with Hideyasu at all and wants to run off with another man. This doesn’t seem to bother Hideyasu, and he’s been thinking of you.

Hideyasu Love My Ninja Romance.png

Hideyasu Jin My Ninja Romance.png

With all this happening, Hideyasu invites you to visit the Castle village. As you wander around Jin comes to kidnap you back. Back in your village, Jin tries to convince you to assassinated Hideyasu, but becomes aware of your feelings for him. Hideyasu, Ippei and Kiyomaru come to your rescue. Hideyasu pleads with Jin to allow you to decide your own fate. Jin agrees, and you decide to return to the castle with Hideyasu, promising to write to Jin as often as you can. There you confess your feelings to Hideyasu, and live happily ever after.

Hideyasu my ninja romance CG.png


My opinions from Ippei’s route still stands. A lot of the backgrounds are copied from previous games like Reverse Genji Romance and Omnibus Princess. I’m still grossed out by the MC being 16 years old, but I’ve tried to put that out of my mind, it’s only mentioned in Ippei’s route. Maybe I can treat Ippei’s route as an alternate dimension and in all the other routes she’s like 22 or something. The CG in this route is by far my favourite, the previous ones had really strong yellow and orange hues, and just looked awful.