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160 Orb Summoning in Fire Emblem: Heroes

My mum is not a big fan of games, but for some reason she loves doing the orb summonings with me on Fire Emblem. So for the last month and a bit, I saved up all my orbs, so when she came to visit me in Melbourne, we could do one mass summoning! I ended up having about 162 orbs! We summoned on the most recent campaigns, ‘Focus: Battling Michalis’ and ‘New Heroes: Blazing Shadows’. I don’t think we were very lucky this time around. I now have so many Donnels and Brady, I want to cry. We also didn’t get any 5 star heroes!!! I was so upset, my goal for the mass summoning was I wanted to get either Xander, Chrom or Ryoma – didn’t get either of them! I was also hoping for a good colourless person, I really want to replace Felicia on my main team, but didn’t get anyone! I did find it super cool when I summoned Roy and Robbin they had a little video to go with them 🙂

I’m not a real hardcore player of this game. I like to play with my favourite characters, not the strongest. As I mentioned above, I was quite annoyed by how many duplicates appeared, like two Oboro’s in one summon!?

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Apologies this is going to be quite a image heavy post! 

My Summonings

Fire Emblem heroes summoning results.JPG

Fire Emblem summoning results.JPG

My Favourite Summons

Fire Emblem heroes fave summons.JPG

Fire Emblem Heroes summon

My New Teams

All my members are 4 star, except the lovely Caeda who is five stars. One issue I have with Fire Emblem Heroes (and with Pokemon Go) is that some characters are better than others. I reckon the game would be a lot more fun if all the characters had the same potential. Rather, it’s become like Pokemon Go where everyone in the gyms has a Dragonite, everyone in FE:Heroes wants a Takumi!

Fire emblem heroes main team.JPG

Fire emblem hereos team 3.JPG

Fire Emblem Heroes team 1.JPG

Fire Emblem heroes team .JPG

Fire Emblem Heroes team 2.JPG

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    1. I know right!? Maybe next time :’) Thanks~ I reckon I’d be a bit more frustrated with the game if I was playing competitively, but since I’m just chilling with my teams it’s been pretty fun!

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