Melbourne Month 2!

So I figured I’d keep doing these monthly updates about life in Melbourne. I reckon next year they might be interesting to look back on.  They’re also a great way for me to organise my thoughts on the last month. I’m doing this one a little bit early as I’m heading back home for Easter, and won’t be doing any blogging over the break. Also don’t worry, my seasonal first impressions will be up soon!!! I’ve already made the header and watched Boruto. I just gotta get my butt into gear and watch a few more for my first part!!!

Check out how my first month went over here!


It’s week 7 at University, and so far it’s been pretty alright. I got my first assignment mark back and received a High Distinction, and also learnt that the word ‘seminal’ is apparently sexist? It was a comment on my report, and when I looked into it, apparently ‘seminal’ relates to ‘semen’ so its a bad word? Eh, I think that’s when things get a bit too PC, but if it offends even one person, I won’t use it anymore. But I’m really happy with my mark, currently waiting on one more mark to get back. After my easter break I have a crazy assessment week. Two 3000 words assignments due plus one seminar presentation – ahh I really hate public speaking, but my topics for the presentation is the same topic I chose for one of my assignments. So I’ll have all this extra knowledge to BS with!


I’m still really struggling to make friends and meet people. Actually the last week or so has been absolutely awful, I’ve felt terrible and just been at home doing nothing. I keep going on Facebook and looking at what my old high school friends are doing (the really awful nasty ones). And then just get major FOMO and jealously. Ahh why do I torture myself!? It’s so silly, but I can’t help myself. I found out one of the girls recently bought a Jeep and I spent 10 minutes comparing the prices of Jeeps! That’s just damn ridiculous. I just wish I had something to take my mind off that bullshit.


I did go on a few friendship dates though! One girl we met up to have coffee and then she came back to my place to meet my cat. We ended up trying to save a possum that was injured. I also went Pokemon Hunting with a lovely girl I met off Reddit. It was such a fun afternoon (and I caught a bunch of new Pokemon!) I’ve tried to hang out with some people from my classes a bit more. I went to a live tv audience thing with two girls from my research class, and we also recently went out to have some cake together.

Extra Stuff

I’m still going with my Japanese lessons and they’re pretty awesome. The teachers are really positive, and the lessons are such a confidence boost. Since my old teacher went to Thailand on a trip, I had a new teacher today called Kenji. On twitter I was fingerling about how he was in a Visual Kei band and he loves anime. It’s so cute cause he was saying his wife is Australian, and cosplays all the time. Ahh it was so cute!!

I’ve also tried to keep up with my sewing. I tried to make a skirt the other day, but failed miserably. Probably will look into signing up for some more courses. It’s really hard sewing when Merry (my cat) keeps jumping on the material, and chasing the thread everywhere. I’ve started writing my novel again – about to hit 70,000 words! Have stopped drawing again, kind of lost the motivation.

Job hunting has been going poorly, just got a bunch of rejection letters recently. I’m thinking I might go back to retail if I can’t find an admin job by the end of this month. I don’t want to keep digging into my savings. Cooking has still been going crappy, I’ve resorted to frozen reheat meals.

That’s it for now! I’m hoping that the friendship thing will turn around for me soon. Or at least I can find more things to keep me occupied.  I’ll keep everyone updated 🙂

4 thoughts on “Melbourne Month 2!

  1. Hmm, making new friends can be tough at times. I’m sure that things will turn around eventually. Some things just take time. As for job interviews: trust me, that will happen eventually as well. My best friend was having doubts a lot as well, after never hearing back on some things she applied to. I kept encouraging her to keep going, and tomorrow she finally has a new job interview that seems to have a very positive chance for succes. Needless to say: she was very happy about it 😊 All I can say for both things is: keep having faith 😉 All the best and goodluck with everything!


  2. I really like these posts so I’m glad you’re going to do them monthly. I find them interesting haha.
    I think last time you said you haven’t really joined any clubs, but maybe it’s a really good thing to consider? Is a trial possible, because if so you can check it out and if the people aren’t to your suiting you don’t have to join. I just heard it’s a good way to make friends.


  3. Please continue to do this about your personal goings on as it’s interesting to me dear XD I hope you get to make some friends but making friends can be harder and a bitch when you get older. I am more of a hermit these days then ever >.<

    I'm glad Japanese class is going well something fun to look on.

    Don't feel discouraged dear about job hunting your not the only one out there. Always think of something you can fall back on my dear ^^ from knowing you through this blog steph your a more than capable hard working lady and I know you'll find something. 🙂

    and your cat is fucking adorable by the way reading the part they chase the thread NAWWWWWW


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