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Chronus Carlyle: Lost Alice Walkthrough (Shall We Date?)

Shall we Date? Has just released the mysterious and cool Chronus Carlyle! He’s the third and final part of the ‘Time Keeper’ trio routes, which also includes Owen and Sidd. But his personality was explore a lot more in Sidd’s route. To get you started on your ‘Lost Alice’ journey please  check out my first impressions/ prologue post over here. Early bird prizes for Chronus goes until June 18th, 5pm PST. Just like when I did Sidd’s route I will update this as I go.

Recommended Play through Order:  Joker, Kyle, Luke, Owen

To check out the route guides click below

Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker   |   Owen   |   Sidd  |  Chronus  |   Ace  |   Neil  | Spinner of Tales

If you want to read the ‘catch em all’ stories click below

Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker    |   Owen

Special: The Sweetest Pleasure Spin Off

A Sweet Night with my Love Spin Off

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If you know the best choice answers please comment down below 🙂 

  • Why would you do such a thing?
  • This is a fortunate turn of events
  • Please return Isaac’s time
  • I think I will pass
  • You can’t sleep?
  • I feel strange


You are in the real world having tea with your good friend Isaac. You head into the kitchen to get some more food, but once you return a strange man is standing near Isaac. It’s Chronus, and he’s taken Isaac’s time. He tells you that only Alice can get the time back, and disappears. As if on cue, the Spinner of Tales appears and offers to make you Alice. You wake up in Alice’s house. Owen, the Chess King is there, and wants to take you to the Chess Kingdom. You’re confused, and to make matters more confusing, Chronus appears! The two of them fight, until Chronus kidnaps you.


25 thoughts on “Chronus Carlyle: Lost Alice Walkthrough (Shall We Date?)

      1. Yes, I am indeed. ❤ ❤ ❤ My wonderful Joker Braze. My only disappointment from his story arch is that, he has less intense romantic scenes in comparison to Sidd, Kyle or Owen If we talk about Chronus, it just feels– meh. Dry?


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