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My Ninja Romance (Otome) – Kagetora Walkthrough & Impressions

Time for the third walkthrough for ‘Ninja Romance’!   You’ve lived in the Koga village all your life with your guardian Jin. One day Ninjas from the Iga village attack! In the chaos one of them, Ippei, vows to make you his bride. The prologue ends there, and you can choose one of four gorgeous men. For my final play though I had Kagetora. I FINALLY worked out the combo to get the best ending. If this route helped you please consider donating through Patreon or using my affiliate links. I actually paid to get all the routes for this game, and would really appreciate any support. 

Kiyomaru      |       Ippei      |    Kagetora    |    Hideyasu

Kagetora information my ninja romance.png

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  • The bigger one
  • Don’t be cocky!
  • I can’t believe you visit our enemy…
  • I don’t want it
  • Ok, I’m going
  • Yeah, I’m okay
  • I don’t want to do this
  • No, I don’t
  • I don’t want to do it again
  • Turn away
  • I can’t imagine you as a kid
  • I want to go back
  • You’re a liar!
  • Never mind
  • Everyone is a liar!
  • I’ll fight with you!
  • Remain silent
  • Refuse it


Kagetora my ninja romance.png

Soon after the attack, Kagetora comes to visit the village. While he’s busy chatting with Jin, Ippei appears and takes you away.  After you are taken to the enemy village you come down with a flu, luckily Kagetora visits the village and is able to nurse you back to health.  You are then taken to the castle, and it is revealed that you are the twin sister of the princess, making you a princess too! Kagetora follows you to the castle.

Kagetora my ninja romance fight.png

As you adjust to life at the castle you begin to uncover more of Kagetora’s past. You learn that the camilla flower is a symbol of his family, and that his mother died when he was young. The two of you go to visit the castle town, during that time Jin appears and tries to kidnap you. Kagetora and Jin fight, and you find out that Kagetora is a ninja too!  The two of you eventually escape to an inn. There Kagetora tells you more about his past, most importantly that his mother was in charge of protecting you when you were young. Once she died, Kagetora took on the duty of watching over you.

Kagetora my ninja romance mother

Jin appears and tries to take you back again. However the Lord and the other ninjas from Koga come to your rescue. After some discussion it is revealed that Kagetora’s mother entrusted you to Jin. All the characters turn to you, asking you what you want to do. In the end you decide to leave the castle, cutting your hair to represent your resolve to keep the villages at peace. You want to travel, and ask Kagetora to take you with him. Kagetora takes your hand and promises to take care of you forever.

Kaegetora best ending image .png

Final Impressions

As mentioned in my previous posts, my opinions from Ippei’s route still stands. A lot of the backgrounds are copied from previous games like Reverse Genji Romance and Omnibus Princess. The story was short, and a bit bland. While Kagetora’s route was the most interesting, I’m still grossed out by the MC being 16 years old and Kagetora being 30! I’m not fussed on the CG for this route, Kagetora’s face looks really mismatched.