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Omnibus Princess Walkthrough – Ornit

Omnibus Princess is an otome game by ‘Genius Inc’ for mobile. The game opens with you trapped in a tower, desperately searching for a ‘book’ that will be your story. A young man (Ornit) appears, and shows you 3 possible stories he will let you join, or you can join him on his journey. For my final play through I followed the story of Ornit – the magician. Just like all Genius Inc games, there is only one CG, which is achieved by selecting the answers for a ‘Good Ending’. I am so so glad to finally finish this series, and I’m sorry it took so long. I kept trying to read Ornit’s story and just didn’t understand what was going. I finally just thought ‘screw it’ and wrote this up.  There are 12 chapters, and the story uses between 35 and 40 tickets.

Omnibus Princess Ornit info.jpg

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  • Wait and see at that spot
  • Run towards the light
  • Ask if there are any other paths
  • Try to talk to the monster somehow
  • Look for where the water is coming from
  • Hide under the bag
  • Wait to see what happens
  • It’s no cause for celebration at all
  • Head in the direction that Ornit disappeared to
  • Knock gently and wait
  • Walk towards the tower
  • Open my eyes wide to see what happens
  • Try to sought out my thoughts once more
  • Tell Ornit that I’m hurt
  • Say that’s not true
  • Laugh after saying that
  • Think about where Ornit would be
  • Call for Ornit
  • Think about what to do at the spot
  • Tell them to ask the white roses about it
  • Try to understand what is going on
  • Gaze at Ornit for a while


Omnibus Princess Ornit Magician.jpg

Okay to be honest, this story was so so confusing, I have no idea what was going on. SO this story overview is going to be…very pieced together. The first 6 chapters are literally you following Ornit through the 3 previous stories’ worlds. He keeps disappearing only appearing to save you when you’re in grave danger. He also leaves behind pieces of parchment which you begin to use to piece together your story. You eventually managed to piece things together and realise that Ornit is part of your past story.

Ornit Omnibus Princess Queen of Hearts.jpg

Ornit Omnibus Princess.jpg

In the middle of all this you get thrown into the world of Alice in Wonderland, and the queen chases you, for changing the colour of her roses. Again, at the last minute Ornit saves you. You realise that Ornit has always been with you, he is a magician that you bound to you. Together you live happily ever after in your tower, reading fairy tales to one another.

Princess Omnibus Ornit CG.jpg

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty awful route. There’s nothing to expand. This was the worst story of the four. I am so glad this was a free game, because I would be so so upset if I had paid for this. After playing this I’m not sure if I would play another Genius Inc game. 0/10 would not recommend. I will say that the CG is one of my favourites I’ve ever seen, it’s so whimsical.

2 thoughts on “Omnibus Princess Walkthrough – Ornit

  1. I dont get it, even if I follow this, I never got a CH nor the endings you describe. I’m not blaming you, I’m pretty sure it’s a problem with the game….

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    1. Hiya! Ahh that’s so annoying, some of my readers had the same issue with Reverse Genji and it was like Genius Inc just turned off the CG/good ending or something like that? Because I went and replayed the route about 10 times and couldn’t get the best ending at all. I hope it’s fixed soon!


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