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Jimi-Kare: My Quiet Boyfriend Review & Endings

‘Jimi-Kare: My Quiet Boyfriend’ is a tapping otome game by SEEC inc. The game follows the same idea as ‘My Cutie Devil‘ and ‘100 Year Love with a Vampire‘, you have to ‘tap’ the icons that appear to fill a gauge. Once that gauge is filled you proceed to the next level. However I would say that Jimi-Kare has a few more features, for example there are levels and at each level you acquire a cute CG. The app introduces us to ‘Nao’, who is your childhood friend, he’s a bit weak so you always had to stand up for him. During middle school you lost touch but you’re now in the same high school class. As fate would have it, your class has decided that you and Nao have to participate in the school’s beauty contest. This is the perfect opportunity to turn the shy, down-trodden Nao into a major hottie!

This is not the first ‘tapping’ game down by SEEC inc. but it is the first they’ve translated. Overall I was quite impressed by the story, and even more impressed by the number of CGS we received. One thing that I was frustrated by was the ridiculous amount of tapping you need to do. You can tap either ‘Nao’s mutters’ to give you 1 points, or you can tap this bar 10 times to get a speech bubble that will give you 2 points (thanks K!)! After about 10 minutes of playing it my fingers were numb from all the tapping! I ended up paying for a $3 pack where I got the tapping exp doubled, and some extra items cause I was sick of tapping so much.  Another issue was that the English translations were incredibly poor in the last stages of the game. It went from 100% perfect to about 60%.

On to the endings! The game branches at two different points, the first is whether you want Nao to choose from himself or you choose for him the clothes to wear at the contest. If you choose the first option, you either comfort him when he gets anxious or get angry at him. The ‘I choose for you’ branches into either apologising to him for dressing him in girl’s clothes or denying it did it intentionally.

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Choose By Yourself

Turn Down

Jimi-Kare My Quiet Boyfriend good ending.PNG

The Best Ending!

You get incredibly upset with Nao who is still not confident in who he is – why can’t he see the amazing guy that you see!? You run into the hallway and are stopped by Ryou who asks you out. You try to push him away but he holds on to your arm. Nao appears and pushes Ryou away from you. He’s learned to stand up for himself, and promises to become a man worthy of being by your side. When you participate in the beauty contest he confesses his love for you in front of the crowd!

Comfort Him

Jimi Kare My Quiet Boyfriend comfort him.PNG

After you comfort Nao, promising him that any girl would fall for him, he becomes incredibly conceited. He skips school and doesn’t contact you at all. You find him one day in the streets with a group of girls. You yell at him, and he tells you that he can make you his main girl if you want. You push him away and run away crying – you’ve created a monster!

I Choose For You

Apologise To Him

Jimi-Kare My Quiet Boyfriend Bad End.PNG


Okay so this was the ending I got on my first play through and I almost wanted to not play the rest of the game. In this ending, Nao becomes incredibly upset. He thinks that you don’t see him as a man, and ends up skipping school. You go to his house to check up on him, there he pushes you to the ground and tells you that he’s a guy after all – what the heck is that supposed to mean!? Anyway I got really creepy vibes from this ending 10/10 do not recommend.

Deny It

Jimi-Kare My Quiet Boyfriend Crossdressing end.PNG

In this ending, you tell Nao that you were not intentionally emasculating him. Rather dressing him up in women’s clothes was all part of your master plan to win the contest! Nao buys your ridiculous lie, and even agrees to go out wearing the dress and makeup. There the school bully (Ryou) sees him, and falls in love! The jokes on him when you and Nao debut your crossdressing look, and win the contest!

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14 thoughts on “Jimi-Kare: My Quiet Boyfriend Review & Endings

  1. I really liked how you summarized the endings. I recently downloaded this game, and have completed 2 of the endings: the first being the creepy type ending and the second being the best one. I’m kinda iffy about wanting to see him become a monster… but I do want to complete all the endings… ah and as for the tapping, I’m not sure if it’s an update but for me his mutterinf grants me 1 point and the compliments get me 2, and I can only ever have 12 chat bubbles on the screen at a time.


  2. Lol, I got the “monster” ending on my first try. The moment I saw his sprite with dyed hair, I knew something went wrong. I messed up.
    After seeing this, I think I’ll go after the bad endings, then end it off with the better ones. 🙂

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  3. I had the dark ending as my first ending as my first one. I thought i was doing great by doing him good (shows to show that whatever you do good or bad my affect others differently). He technically forced himself on her. I was pretty happy with the second ending i got which was the prince, it made the replaying worth it. However, i got tired with all the tapping so i looked up the rest. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The dark ending is awful! I almost didn’t want to finish the game after getting it :/ I find a lot of otome games seem to have sexual assault as a standard bad ending, and it’s such an awful trend. Glad the guide helped <3~


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