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My Sweet Vampire (Otome) – Review and Endings!

‘My Sweet Vampire’ is a new tapping otome game by BrushApp. This is the same company that did ‘Kabedon: Never Wanna Let You Go‘, which I really enjoyed, so expectations were high!  The story is about you and your ex-boyfriend, he suddenly broke up with you a few weeks ago. He’s now come to your doorstep wanting help after contracting a strange infection (you’re a nurse). You quickly realise this isn’t like any ordinary infections as you see him transform through different kinds of animals and mythical creatures.

My Sweet Vampire gameplay.png

Originally I was really enjoying this game. The english translations weren’t 100% but it was still really enjoyable. UNTIL! One day I woke up, having nearly finished the 3rd ending and all my data was deleted! I needed to start again from beginning, I was so disappointed. I emailed the company to ask for help & report the issue but they never responded to me. Very disappointing. I’m not sure if it’s a bug just because this is a new release, but please be careful with your data when you play this game!

Ending 1

My Sweet Ending Burning Ending.png

In the first ending, you can’t handle stealing blood for your boyfriend anymore. You realise he’s become a monster, and conduct a plan to defeat him. You slowly cut off his blood supply and once he is weak enough you set him alight, destroying him. You would rather hold on to the memory of your human ex-boyfriend than the monster he had become.

Ending 2

My Sweet Vampire 2nd endings.png

After caring for your boyfriend for so long, you become entranced by the vampire lifestyle! You ask him to change you, and live happily together for a few years. However old issues arise and you separate, you spend your days feeding off gorgeous men and enjoying your new immortal life.

Ending 3


I didn’t quite understand what this ending was. But it seems like your boyfriend ‘unlocked’ his hidden memories of being a vampire king, and goes about conquering the world? If anyone else knows what was happening please let me know!

True Ending

My Sweet Vampire True Ending.jpg

You manage to nurse your boyfriend back to health. He tells you that the reason he left was he didn’t want to trouble you. He owes a lot of money to some very dangerous people and it was his way of protecting you. The two of you promise to stay together and live happily ever after.

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