Melbourne Month 4!

Dear me! Time has flown by since I first moved to Melbourne. I’m really glad I’ve been writing these posts, it’s crazy to think about how much has happened over the last 4 months. I’m slowly getting back to regularly updating this blog. Which I’m really proud of myself for, I just had this massive stint where I burnt out and couldn’t write anything, it was a horrible feeling. But anyway, on to how my life went over the last month!



I officially finished my first semester of Masters! I submitted my final 2 assignments early June, and have received one mark back. I’m very disappointed with it, especially as I don’t understand the tutor’s feedback. She said I wasn’t answering the question, but I sent her like 5 emails checking that what i was writing was correct and she said yes? Ah It’s so frustrating! But thankfully as I did very well in my other assignments I will still get a HD for the unit! I have also been preparing for my Hong Kong unit. We had to do a pair presentation 2 weeks ago on an assigned company. The presentation went alright, I’m actually very good at public speaking so I felt confident in front of the class. But kind of bombed the question and answer component, hopefully it won’t influence my mark too much (wishful thinking)!


Since finishing my assignments I’ve had a lot more time to hang out with friends. Which has been really good and a really tiring. I kind of got used to staying in my apartment for so long, that I was really overwhelmed when I had to go out. For example, my friend invited me to her 21st birthday party, and I got all dressed up – nice dress, used my good makeup – I was ready for this party. Got in the door and freaked out, made up some excuse about being sick and left. Like what the heck? That’s never happened to me before!


After that event i did go out a few more times, and didn’t freak out again! For example I went to a Harry Potter trivia night, got all dressed up in my Ravenclaw best :)! It was such an awesome night. Only thing that spoiled it were two dickheads who were angry that I didn’t want a photo with them. Other than that, quite a good night! I did ‘Zedtown’ which is like a mock zombie apocalypse where you ‘shoot’ zombies with nerf guns.  I survived for 3 of the 4 hours before turning into a zombie. Also just lots of general catch ups over food and coffee. I had a chance to hang out with the guy in my Japanese class and he’s such a lovely dude. He even drove me to the airport to catch my flight on Friday!

I’m in Hong Kong!

I arrived in Hong Kong last Friday at about 6pm! The flight over was pretty alright, about 9 hours, I managed to watch a few films and sleep. On Saturday my mum’s University friends took me out to watch a movie and hang out at their place. They were worried about me staying on my own because of the protests and crowds with the 20th handover anniversary. Everyone warned me that Hong Kong would be disgustingly humid, but it’s actually alright. I guess being from Sydney I’m used to heat (albeit not humid heat), and when I was in Spain I suffered through the worst humidity ever, so Hong Kong is alright!


I’m a bit apprehensive about the coming week, we’ll be doing a lot of company visits as part of the university program. Our professor has really emphasised that as media students we should treat the visits like a press conference. I don’t know why but I can’t think of questions under pressure, 99% of the time I’m very happy sitting and listening. So I think this will be a struggle for me.

After Hong Kong I will be visiting Japan for 2 weeks! I’m not quite sure what to do with this blog and my travel blog while I am in Japan. My original plan is to write all my Japan stuff on my travel blog, and have a summary post every 3-4 days on this blog. Also I plan to post ‘haul’ posts on this blog of all the stuff I buy/ anything anime specific. What do you guys think of it?